Novel Name : Charming Mommy of adorable triplets

Chapter 2450

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Leia and Shannon were stunned. “You’re married!?”

Freyja smiled but did not say anything.

Leia and Shannon sat down. They were shocked to find out that Freyja was married. “Oh my gosh! We
didn’t know that you were married. When did it happen?”

Freyja looked at Colton.

Colton picked up a cup of water and took a sip. “We just married this year.”

“No wonder we didn’t know about it.” Leia chuckled and continued. “You didn’t get married secretly, did

Freyja replied embarrassingly. “Nope…”

Suddenly, Shannon turned to Colton and asked, “You’re from Zlokovia, right? What do you work for a

“Just some small business,” he replied flatly.

Freyja looked at him speechlessly.

‘Yeah, just some small business. It’s so small that you can see his company logo everywhere.’

“Is it your own business?”

“Well… You can put it that way,” replied Colton.

Shannon rested her chin on her hand and smiled. “I see. I heard that men who start their

own businesses are cool. No wonder Freyja likes you.”

Leia nudged her as a sign to tell her to stop speaking.

Colton squinted slightly, and Shannon realized that she had said something wrong. She hastily covered
her mouth and apologized, “Ah, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean that.”

Freyja smiled and looked at Colton. “It’s okay. You’re right. Men who start their own businesses are
cool. So, I’m very lucky, right?”

Colton looked at her. It seemed to him that she was enjoying the acting.

Shannon was momentarily stunned and chuckled. “Yeah, you’re indeed lucky. It already isn’t easy for
normal women to find a man with a good appearance and family background nowadays, let alone you.
Your mother is in prison, and it’s indeed difficult for you to find a good man.”

Everyone fell silent.

Leia hastily stopped her and said, “I’m sorry, Freyja. Shannon likes to speak whatever is on

her mind. She doesn’t mean anything.”

Freyja’s expression remained unchanged. She looked as if she had expected something like this as
she said, “Don’t worry. I don’t mind.”

Shannon continued. “See? I told you that Freyja is very kind. She wouldn’t mind something like this at
all, right?”

Leia stopped Shannon because she noticed that Colton’s expression had changed. It was just that she
did not expect Shannon to be so ignorant. She couldn’t read the situation at


Suddenly, Colton rose to his feet and said, “We’ve finished eating. You guys enjoy.”

After that, he pulled Freyja, and they went away.

After they left, Shannon pouted and said, “What’s his problem? We just ordered our food. We’re having
a good time, and he just left like that? Don’t you think it’s a bit rude?”

Leia placed her hand on her forehead.

‘No one would be in the mood to continue eating after hearing what you said.‘

However, Shannon still did not realize she had said something wrong. “But I think they’ve paid for our
meal. Her husband is so handsome and owns a business himself. I’m sure he’ll help us pay for our

Leia looked at her. “Are you sure?”

Shannon replied, “Well, men are all the same. They care about their reputation more than anything.
Have you ever seen a man asking a woman to pay for a meal?”

After she finished speaking, she continued. “But unfortunately, although he’s good–looking, he has to
start his own business. I’m sure he comes from a humble family as well, and I guess that’s why he
married her.”

Everyone knew Freyja’s mother was in prison, so finding a good husband with an excellent background
would be even more difficult than reaching the sky.

Soon, they finished their lunch. Just when they were about to leave, the waiter stopped them. “I’m
sorry, but you guys haven’t paid your bill yet.”

Shannon was stunned. “Didn’t they pay the bill for us?”

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