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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2456

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Chapter 2456

let the children train among themselves and sat aside, checking her phone every now and then. She w
ondered if her words were too harsh last night.

Suddenly, one of the little girls started crying. Cameron found out that it was because the boy sparring
with her had hit her too hard and hurt her.

Cameron took out a few tissues to dry her tears.
“I’ll get him to apologize, alright? Look, you don’t look pretty when you cry.”

The girl blew her nose and stopped crying soon after.

Cameron looked toward the boy and saw the name on his shoulder: Chadwick Boucher.

Chadwick looked away. “She’s so weak.”

Cameron took a deep breath, walked to him, and leaned down. “You should apologize to the girl.”

“I did nothing wrong. She’s just too weak.’”

Cameron smiled. “You’re right. She is weak, but why do we learn martial arts?”

He didn’t speak.

“It’s to protect ourselves and have the courage to help the weak. You’re stronger and faster than her. S
he lost, but you can’t make her cry just because you’re stronger.”

Cameron patted his head. “This is training, not an actual fight.”

Chadwick pressed his lips together and looked toward the girl.
“I’m sorry, alright?” He then walked aside.

Cameron sighed but didn’t say anything and let them continue training.

Nick and Dylan stood watching upstairs. Dylan remembered who the boy was.
“That looks like the little one of the Bouchers.”

He had a wrong impression of this boy. Chadwick was sent to learn self–
defense but wouldn’t play with the other children. He was a protege, the fastest
learner among the children.

However, he was always alone and didn’t play with the


The trainer didn’t want to be too strict with him because he was a Boucher.

Nick didn’t speak as his eyes were on Cameron.

Cameron picked up a notebook and took notes about their training, doing her part.

At noon, Cameron finished up the notes in the office and circled Chadwick’s name.

She had noticed he was a fast learner and was at the top of the class.

She twirled the pen and squinted. It would be interesting if she took him under her wing.

At that moment, she received a text. She thought it was from Waylon, but when she picked it up, it was

[Cam, do you wanna grab some food?]

Cameron paused for a few moments before replying.


At the restaurant…

The server brought Cameron to the room on the second floor. When she went in, she didn’t see Daisie b

Waylon closed the menu and looked up. “No one else is coming.”

Cameron pressed her lips together, then pulled out a seat and sat down.



They spoke at the same time.

It was awkward, but Waylon spoke. “Go ahead.”

After a long pause, Cameron looked away and said, “I was a little harsh last night.” Waylon looked at he

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