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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2454

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Chapter 2454

Not only that, but the moves that Waylon was using this time around were those that Cameron had nev
er seen before. Cameron was almost surprised.

‘Did he not give it everything he had when he was fighting me back when we were still in the East Islan

However, now that he’s
facing Nick, his attacks look extremely strong and offensive, so aggressive that they were giving Nick a
sense of oppression.

Nick did not pull his punches either. However, after a few rounds
into the fight, he did not even dare to let his guard down against Waylon.

He had looked into Waylon’s background–
he was the official successor of the Goldmanns ‘Night Banquet. Most importantly, Waylon had always b
een good at his intense and offensive attacks, and every move that he let out would always accurately t
arget his opponent’s weaknesses.

The people in the audience were both excited and nervous. It was simply a duel between two of the str

Cameron did not dare to even blink throughout the entirety of the battle. She could not help but feel that
Waylon had deceived her.

If she were to go against Waylon under these circumstances, she would have no chance of winning at

‘He was obviously pulling his punches when we fought in the East Islands! What an *sshole!

After a protracted fight, their physical strength was obviously on the verge of depleting. Nick had been v
ery precise with his attacks and defense in the first few rounds, but in
the later stages, he was obviously at a disadvantage.

Waylon did not even give him a chance to catch his breath. He went from moving around the ring passi
vely, to counter–attacking, and then straight–up suppressing all of Nick’s attacks–
it was a beautiful turnaround.

He seized
the right time, took advantage of Nick’s exhaustion, and forced Nick to step backward to the edge of th
e ring. And just when
Nick could not dodge his attack anymore, he elbowed him and knocked him out of the ring.

“Grandmaster!” Dylan hurried up to him and supported him in fright.

Nick covered his chest, coughed a few times, then wiped off the bloodstain on the corners of his lips. “A
s expected of the leader of the Night Banquet. I admit defeat.”

Everyone present was surprised.

‘The grandmaster actually conceded defeat.‘

Waylon walked down from the ring and stopped right in front of Nick. “You’re indeed extremely strong,
which surprised me. After all, you’re the first person to force me to give it my all.”

Nick’s cheeks bulged, but he did not utter a single word. He then took a glance at Cameron, turned aro
und, and went upstairs.

Dylan followed him upstairs.

Cameron lowered her head and clenched the coat in her hand.

Waylon walked toward her, but Cameron threw his coat at him before he could say anything. “You lied t
o me!”

He was startled, picked up his coat, and chuckled. “How so?”

Cameron grabbed him by the hem of his collar. “When you fought with me on the East Islands, you pull
ed your punches deliberately, didn’t you?”

Waylon looked down at her, and a profound hilarity surged from the bottom of his eyes.
“I was worried that if I were to really hurt you back then, I wouldn’t be able to explain my actions to my f

“Shut up, you liar!” Cameron let go of him and walked away furiously.

Waylon had no choice but to catch up to her.

Waylon grabbed Cameron’s hand in front of the car.

Cameron flung his hand off, turned her face away, and did not want to look at him.

Waylon walked around her, stopped in front of her, and approached her. “Are you angry?”

She snorted and did not say a thing.

fact, it was just that she could not let go of her pride. She had even claimed that he was a noob in martia

Waylon pulled her into his arms and pressed his lips against her forehead. “Will all my sweet–
talking fail this time around?”

She still did not want to look at him. “Yes.”

He said with a hint of hilarity in his eyes, “Then do you still want to eat short ribs for dinner?”

Cameron turned her head around and glared at him. “Short ribs are a must.”

He laughed out loud and rubbed the corner of her lips with his
fingers. “I just realized that I weigh even less than a plate of short ribs.”

In the office…

Dylan was applying bandages and ointment for Nick. “That fella is ruthless.
It was just a friendly match, but he gave it his all. I think he did it on purpose.”

Nick gave him a sideways glance. “I gave the
match everything I had too, but the fact that I lost to him doesn’t surprise me.”

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