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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2455

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Chapter 2455

Dylan was astonished and put the ointment away. “Is he really that strong?”

“He’s the successor of the Goldmanns‘ Night Banquet. It’s not surprising that he has such skills.” Nick k
ept his cool throughout the conversation and did not show dissatisfaction regarding the fact that he had
just lost to Waylon.

‘There will always be someone who’s better than I am. Wayne one–upped me very

convincingly in that match.‘

Dylan curled his lips. “But I think he did it on purpose, as if he has a grudge against you.”

Nick smiled.

‘What he has against me isn’t a grudge, or is it?‘

On the other side of the city, at Emperon…

Cameron sat at the table with one hand propped against her forehead, staring at the man cooking in th
e kitchen. After returning home, he put on a dark gray knitted sweater and a pair of light–
colored loose cotton linen trousers. But no matter what he was wearing, it was impossible for him not to
look good with that look of his.

Perhaps it was because of the refined and well–
defined face that she got deceived by him from the very beginning!

The short ribs had just been served on the table, but her stomach started to growl instantly. Waylon han
ded her a fork and chuckled. “It seems that someone is starving.”

She grabbed the fork, lowered her head, and started eating.

Waylon sat across from her, rested his chin on his interlocked fingers, and fixed his gaze on her face.
“Are you two very close?”

She paused and raised her head. “Who are you referring to?”

He rolled his eyes and gave off a slightly dissatisfied expression.

Cameron was astounded and started biting her fork.
“I won’t be able to explain my relationship with him to you in such a short time.”

Waylon narrowed his eyes and did not utter a single word.

Cameron leaned forward in front of him. “Why are you asking me about him? Are you jealous?”

He laughed and lifted his gaze. “You do know that I’m jealous of him. But you chose not to talk to me a
bout your plan to set up a martial arts training center in Bassburgh. Do you really think that I can’t be of

Cameron was taken aback. “Since when did I tell you that you wouldn’t be of help?”

‘Wait a minute! Does he care about the fact that I didn’t discuss my plan with him?‘ Waylon crossed his
arms. “Isn’t it so?”

“You… Yes, I indeed didn’t discuss it with you, but I told you later, didn’t I? And you obviously agreed to
let me invest and work in the training center. And adhering to the terms that you named, I did wear men
’s clothing when I went there. What else do you


He kept his calm demeanor.
“If you want to set up a training center, I can help you locate a storefront. There’s no
need for you to work under him.”

He just did not like her getting too close to Nick.

Cameron asked in return, “Then do I have to live under you?”

Waylon pursed his lips tightly.

“Wayne, I’m not familiar with this city and its people. I grew up in the East Islands and am used to doing
know how difficult it is for me to integrate into your life? I’m not your pet, so why can’t I decide what I wa

Waylon took a deep breath and wanted to explain, but Cameron had already put her fork down and stoo
choose to collaborate with that person. It just so happens that Nick is the owner of that martial arts traini

“You can indeed help me locate a storefront or with the manpower and funds needed. You can help me s
and–for–all solution? But have you ever asked if this is what I want?”


“I’m full. Thanks for the meal.” Cameron turned around and went upstairs. All her emotions were
cramped in her chest, suffocating her as she felt extremely wronged and uncomfortable.

Tonight, Waylon slept in the guest room, wanting to give both of them a chance to calm


The next day…

Cameron arrived at the training center very early. After coming back from a long break, the trainees were

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