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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2458

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Chapter 2458

Waylon cleared his throat and messed up his hair. “That’s your aunt.”

Chadwick was shocked. That ‘man‘ was his ‘aunt‘?

Waylon didn’t explain it to him well enough, so Chadwick misunderstood.

During the training, Chadwick kept looking at Cameron with a weird look.

Cameron felt chills down her back because someone kept staring at her. She looked around and realiz
ed it was that little kid.

The little boy realized that he had been spotted, so he quickly looked away and continued training.

When they were taking a break, Chadwick walked aside to drink. The cool boy would bring water when
ever he went.

“Your name is Chadwick Boucher, right?”

When he heard Cameron’s voice, he shuddered and almost spilled his drink.
“Yes, how may I help you?”

Cameron froze because this boy was speaking like an adult.

She didn’t think much about it but leaned down and looked at him. “I noticed that you have good basic t
raining. Do you want to be my student?”

Chadwick smiled but hesitated. He didn’t dare look at Cameron, especially after what Waylon told him.
“I… don’t think so…”

“Hmm? Why?” Cameron squatted down and supported her face with her hands. “I can teach you a lot o
f things.”

Chadwick turned his face away. “Why are you such a sissy?”

Cameron was speechless. ‘Sissy?‘

It was because she was a woman!

took a deep breath because the children had no filter. She wouldn’t hold a grudge because of that.
“It’s rude to say that.”

Chadwick took two steps back. “I don’t want to be your student.” Then he ran away.

Cameron was confused. ‘Did this kid just reject me?‘

The weekend after that, Cameron
kept her eyes on Chadwick, and he noticed that. He was anxious because he was being watched.

Dylan also noticed that she was staring at Chadwick and always had a ‘weird‘ smile on her face.

Dylan shuddered. “Are you a pervert, Cameron?”

Cameron turned around and frowned. “What?”

Dylan shook his head. “Why are you staring at a child? He’s afraid.”

Chadwick used to perform well, but he wasn’t doing his best when Cameron was around.

That was a Boucher. Did she have her eyes on a child?

Cameron stood up and said in a serious tone. “I’m observing. I’m not staring. Get it right.”

He was curious. “Why are you observing him then?”

Cameron crossed her arms. “He’s a good student. I want to train him.”

Dylan shook his head and said, “He’s here to learn self–
defense, not to join the world martial arts championship. Besides, he’s from a wealthy family and can ge

Cameron looked at him. “What does this have to do with his family?”

“He’s the youngest Boucher. Keep your hands off him.” Dylan walked away after saying that.

Cameron stood in the spot. ‘Boucher…‘

Was it the Boucher that she knew of?

That evening…

When Francisco came back from court, he picked his son up at the center.

Chadwick opened the door and got it when Francisco
turned around and moved his bag to the backseat. “Long day?”

Chadwick nodded, buckled his belt, and hesitated in asking a question.

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