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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2460

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Chapter 2460

Waylon smiled and pushed Cameron’s hair behind her back, showing her forehead. He planted a kiss i
n between her eyebrows very carefully.

Waylon and Cameron saw Chadwick at school the next
day. Chadwick walked out of his classroom, saw that Waylon was with a woman, and froze.

‘Adults are so weird. He was with a man the other day, but now he is with a woman.‘

Waylon waved at him. “Chaddy, come and meet your aunt.”

Chadwick was nervous. “How many wives do you have?”

Cameron couldn’t help but laugh.

Waylon pushed her forward. “Take a closer look.”

Cameron smiled at him. “Hello Chadwick, we meet again.”

Chadwick realized that Cameron looked familiar, and his expression turned into one of shock. “You’re
Master Southern!?”

Cameron gave him a thumbs up. “Clever.”

He was even more disgusted. “Why are you in women’s clothes?”

Cameron was rendered speechless. ‘Can I beat him up?‘

After Waylon explained everything to
the kid, he finally realized what had happened and lowered his head. “So you’re a woman.

Cameron choked. “Are you disappointed?”

Chadwick turned away. “Not at all.”

Cameron rubbed her temples. ‘Children nowadays are no longer cute.‘

“Uncle Waylon, Aunt Cameron!”

Beatrice ran over. Waylon grabbed her and helped her find her balance. “Aren’t you afraid of falling?”

Beatrice pouted. “Why don’t you carry me anymore?”

Waylon patted her head. “You’re a big girl now. You don’t need to be carried.”

Beatrice clicked her tongue. “You just want to hug Aunt Cameron like how my dad only hugs my mom.”

Waylon smiled and pinched her cheeks. “Don’t be an influence to Deedee.”

Beatrice put her hands on her hips. “I won’t. She’s my little sister.”

Cameron asked, “Where’s Deedee?”

“She’s in the preschool class in a different building.” Beatrice
patted her chest. “Don’t worry. I’ll take good care of her.”

Cameron hugged her. “You’re such an adorable and good girl.”

Chadwick clicked his tongue, but Cameron patted his head too. He slapped her hand away.

“Don’t simply touch my head. I might stop growing.”

Cameron reached out again. “I’m going to anyway.”

Waylon looked at her and could imagine their future son and daughter there.

On the first class of the plane that headed to Yaramoor, Nollace flipped through a magazine and turned

He pulled the blanket over her, but she opened her eyes sleepily. “Are we there already?” Nollace looke

She nodded, then dozed off again.

He looked out the window and saw the layered clouds. They looked like mountains in the blue sky.

Daisie frowned and wasn’t sleeping well, so he pulled down the shutter.

After a long journey, they finally landed at Yaramoor’s airport.

The butler was waiting for them at the gate with the car. Peter stood in front of the car. Welcome
home, sir.”

Nollace nodded, handed the bags to him, and got into the car with Daisie.

Meanwhile, at Knowles mansion…

When Diana found out that her son and daughter–in–law were coming back, she bought
a lot of presents to fill up their room.

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