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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2464

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Chapter 2464

Colton checked through the contract. After a long while, he signed his name on it, and
his lawyer also stamped it.

After they left, Colton received a call from Maisie. He answered the call and said, “Mom?”

Maisie said,
“Cole, Daisie and Nolly have returned to Yaramoor. When you have time, help me to pay a visit to the K
nowles. Remember to bring gifts.”

“What? They’re in Yaramoor?”

“Daisie is pregnant, so of course, she has to go back to Yaramoor with Nolly. Since you’re in Yaramoor,
remember to pay a visit to the Knowles from time to time to promote the relationship between our famili
es. Don’t make the Knowles feel that we’re slighting them. Understand?”

Colton pressed his lips thin. “Okay.”

After he hung up the call, he looked outside
through the window. If Daisie was pregnant, did this mean that he would also become an uncle?

For the sake of Daisie’s kid, it seemed to him that he should pay a visit to the Knowles.

Suddenly, he received a text message that pulled him back to reality.

Shannon had invited her coursemates to have a party
at her boyfriend’s house. A man was standing in front of the courtyard, waiting for them. Shannon walke
d up to him and wrapped her arm around his. “Darling, these are all my coursemates.”

The man hugged her and said, “Really? Welcome to my house.
The party is over at the pool. We’re about to start soon.”

“Shannon, your boyfriend and you look so cute together.”

“He must be very rich, right? Since he can live in such a big villa, I’m sure Shannon will have a happy lif
e in the future.”

This villa was situated in a rich district, and those who lived there were influential figures. They were all
very jealous of Shannon, save for Freyja. She just stood at the side silently.

All of them came to the pool together. There was a grill, a variety of food, wine, and so on.

Shannon’s boyfriend said, “Guys, please make yourselves at home.”

The rest of the people said, “Alright then.”

Some of them started the grill, and those who had brought their swimsuits went to change.

into them.

Suddenly, Freyja saw the man drag Shannon to the side. He was saying something to Shannon, and S
hannon held his arm with a pleasing smile on her face.

The man pulled his arm out of Shannon’s grip, turned around, and left.

When Shannon turned her head around, Freyja hastily averted a gaze.

Shannon walked
over to her and asked, “Is your husband really not coming? He’s going to miss a lot of fun.”

The rest of the people looked over at them, and she continued. “Even if he’s busy, he

should make time for you. If he can’t even do that, it means your husband doesn’t really love you, does

The rest of the people were also curious about Freyja’s husband after listening to their conversation. Aft

“Huh? Is that true, Freyja? Your husband doesn’t love you at all?”

“Shannon is right. No matter how busy he is, he should come here at least for a while and

show himself in front of us.”

Freyja felt a headache. She rubbed her temples and said, “I told you that my husband is busy, so I hope

Shannon frowned. “Who does your husband think he is? How can he be so busy when he just owns a s

“That’s right. Are you sure your husband isn’t just giving excuses? As far as I know, if a husband can’t
make time for
his wife, it means he has another woman outside.” Leia was rendered speechless. She felt it was such a

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