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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2463

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Chapter 2463

Nollace was rendered speechless.

The next day, at the National Film and Television College…

Freyja was preparing her script for her short film in the classroom when Shannon, Leia, and a few of he
r classmates came in.

Shannon said, “By the way, my boyfriend is holding a sorority party at his house today. Do you want to
come along?”

“What? You have a boyfriend?”

“Yeah, we’ve been together for more than a month. I didn’t have time to introduce him to you, but you g
uys will see him today.”

“I’m so jealous of you. What does your boyfriend do for a living?”

Shannon smiled and replied,
“His family owns a business. His father planned to let him take over the company recently.”

After Shannon finished speaking, she walked up to Freyja and asked, “Freyja, are you coming? You ca
n bring your husband as well.”

Freyja pressed her lips tightly. As if Shannon knew Freyja would reject her, she continued. ” Don’t worry
. All of us are friends. Come and join us for fun.”

“That’s right, Freyja. Let’s go together. Besides, aren’t you curious about Shannon’s boyfriend?”

Freyja lowered her head for a moment and said, “Okay. But I’m not sure if my husband can come with
me or not.”

“Why? If your husband doesn’t even have time to attend a party with you, then he fails as a husband. If
it were my boyfriend, no matter how busy he is, he would have made time for me.”

“Seriously? Your boyfriend is so nice.”

When Shannon heard all those compliments, a triumphant smile appeared on her face. She enjoyed thi
s kind of feeling a lot and liked being in the limelight.

Freyja did not say anything. She knew what Shannon was planning.

Shannon did not invite Freyja out of sincerity–
she just wanted to humiliate Freyja. She also invited her friends because she wanted to show off her bo
yfriend in front of other people.

Meanwhile, in the shopping mall…

Diana and Daisie had gone through many maternal and children stores, as well as toy


The bodyguards behind them were holding many bags, and Diana looked like she would not stop until
she had bought everything in the shopping mall. “Sweetheart, this skirt looks adorable. Do you want to
buy it?”

Daisie said helplessly, “Mom, we’ve already bought a lot. Besides, what if it’s a boy?”

She noticed that Diana liked baby girls. All the clothes she bought were skirts for girls.

Diana paused for a moment and then smiled, “It’s okay. A baby boy can wear these too. I used to dress
Nollace like a girl when he was a kid.”

Daisie smiled but did not make any comment.

She had seen the pictures of Nollace wearing a skirt before. Besides, she still remembered. how he loo
ked when he wore a skirt back in the East Islands.

She was so jealous of him. This was because he looked really pretty in a skirt.

In the end, she gave in to Diana and bought the skirt.

When they came out of the shopping mall, Daisie suddenly saw a familiar figure. She squinted and reali

“Mom, I saw my brother. Can you wait for me here for a while?” Daisie gave the things in her hand to Dia

Diana shouted, “Hey, don’t run so fast, Daisie. You might fall down.”

After that, she turned to the two bodyguards behind her. “Go take care of her.”

The two bodyguards nodded and followed after Daisie.

Daisie was looking everywhere for Colton. She had clearly seen him but couldn’t spot him


Meanwhile, Colton walked into a restaurant. The two men in front of him stood up and greeted him, “You

He nodded and took his seat. The two men handed a property contract and said,
“We’ve already gotten the ownership contract of the villa for you. Mr.
Rowen said he’s willing to sell the villa to you.”

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