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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2465

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Chapter 2465

“What are you guys doing? I’ve brought you all some wine.” The man came over with two bottles of win
e in his hand. Another two men were standing beside him as well.

Shannon had never seen those two men before and was momentarily stunned. She walked up to her b
oyfriend and asked, “Are they your friends?”

The man asked, “You guys don’t mind, right?”

Before Shannon could say anything, the other female students chimed in and teased,
“Of course, we don’t mind.”

The party continued.

Freyja had been staying by the grill while the two men were having fun with those women. in the pool.
men were getting handsy on those women, and Freyja frowned. She did not know why but had a feelin
g that Shannon’s boyfriend was up to something no good. It seemed to her that he did not care about S
hannon’s coursemates at all. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have brought two strangers with him.

Soon, Leia came up from the pool. Her face was dark, and she walked toward Freyja.
“Can you come to the restroom with me?”

Freyja was momentarily stunned before nodding.

Freyja followed Leia to the restroom and waited outside the door. After Leia finished her business, she
pulled a cigarette out and lit it up.

Looking at her, Freyja asked, “What’s wrong?”

Leia took a drag from the cigarette and said, “I really don’t know what kind of friends

Shannon’s boyfriend knows. While we were in the pool, those two b*stards were…”

After she finished speaking, she clicked her tongue and added, “They’re so f*cking disgusting.”

Freyja fell silent for a moment. “If you don’t want to stay here anymore, do you want to leave with me?”

Leia froze. After a short while, she chuckled. “Shannon won’t be happy if we leave now. I don’t want to
get into any trouble.”

Frejya could see that Leia treated Shannon as her friend.

After she finished her cigarette, Leia came out with Freyja. Then, they saw there was an argument goin
g on.

Leia walked over and asked, “What happened?”

The girl who was crying said, “He touched me.”

Everyone looked
toward the man, and he shrugged indifferently. “There are many people in the pool. It was just an accid
ent. Besides, if you want to come out and have some fun, then stop putting on airs.”

The girl felt humiliated and was shaking with anger.

Shannon and her boyfriend came out as well. When Shannon was about to say something, her boyfrie
nd scoffed and said, “I thought something happened, so he just touched you.”

The rest of the girls were stunned

Shannon did
not want to make herself look embarrassed, so she just smiled and said, ” Let’s just forget about it. I’m s

Freyja looked toward Leia. The latter kept silent, and there was disappointment in her eyes.

Shannon’s boyfriend turned to Shannon and scolded, “What kind of friends did you bring, huh? We all ca

Shannon’s face turned pale. “I’m sorry, darling. I’ll explain to them-”

Her boyfriend flung her hand away, “I allowed them to come here because of you. Tell them to stop bein
insensitive, or else get the hell out of here.”

Shannon was so angry that she nearly passed out. She always told her friends that her boyfriend loved

Her boyfriend did not love her at all. Would he do something like this to her friends if he really loved her?

Meanwhile, a few luxury cars drove into the courtyard. The crowd looked over and saw
four bodyguards come out of the cars. The man that came out last was handsome and had a regal air a

“Who is he?”

“Is he a friend of Shannon’s boyfriend? He’s really my type!”

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