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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2468

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Chapter 2468

Halfway through the conversation, Colton appeared behind her and placed
his hands on her shoulders. “Are you guys badmouthing me?”

Someone replied with a smile, “We were just asking Freyja how she met you.”

“Really?” Colton narrowed his eyes, looked down at the woman sitting right in front of him, and stated
meaningfully, “We studied at the same college. One
wouldn’t say that it’s a story of love at first sight, but it’s definitely a story of true love.”

was astonished, feeling something was wrong with his side of the story, so she raised her head. “What
are you talking about?”

“Isn’t that the case?” Colton leaned over and stared at her. “I wonder who’s the woman who couldn’t ge
t me off her mind, so much so that she traveled to Zlokova looking for me.”

Freyja smacked his hand off her shoulders. “Did you inherit that shamelessness?”

Her ears were flushed.

Colton rubbed her earlobe with his fingertips and sneered. “Are you implying that our father is a shamel
ess man?”

Freyja was rendered speechless.

The guests sitting around the table had had enough of the lovey–dovey couple.

‘He pampers her like no one else in the world. How could it not be true love?‘

At Yanis Tech Co….

Hedeon had worked overtime until midnight last night and was so tired that he slumped on the desk. “N
ollace, bro, when will you be back? I’m about to die already.”

“Who’s about to die?”

A familiar voice came from the entrance, and Hedeon sat up straight instantly. The moment he saw Noll
ace leaning against the door, he seemed to
have seen his savior, his hope. “Geez! Bro, if you were to stay in Zlokova for a little
longer, I’d really die in this office.”

Nollace smirked and walked into the office. “Thank you for your hard work during this period.”

Hedeon quickly walked to the couch and sat down across from him. “They said that you went there to
find yourself a wife. Have you gotten married?”

Nollace lifted his gaze. “Why would I be back if I hadn’t gotten what I left this place for?”

“Then where’s your wife? You said that you’d introduce me to
her!” Hedeon glanced outside the room and looked around.


Nollace got up and walked to the desk. “I’ll introduce her to you later. Don’t you still have tasks to atten
d to?”

Hedeon slumped back into the couch. “Dude, I’m exhausted. You might not know it, but I’ve been worki
ng overtime every day during this
period. If I hadn’t stopped some of those employees downstairs, you would be going through stacks of r
esignation letters now instead of talking to me.”

Nollace picked up a file, flipped through it, and responded with a faint hum. “Who are those
people who want to leave? And which department are they from?”

Hedeon did not think much.
“There are three groups of people. Maybe the software programmers think that it’s been too harsh rece

“Then just let them go.”

Hedeon sat up abruptly. “What?”

Nollace pulled the director’s chair out and sat down leisurely. “The Yanis
Group has only been established for less than two years. I told them at the beginning that the next few y
they can’t even bear a little bit of hard work, it’s time for us to look for new blood who can endure the ha

Hedeon scratched his cheeks, looking slightly embarrassed. “They might just be complaining…”

He raised his eyebrows. “Instead of complaining about their work, why not use the time
on something more productive? Am I right?”

Soon, Nollace cascaded a set of orders to all the departments.

#To employees who feel that the current pressure is too great to bear, we welcome your instant resignat

After several employees resigned, the company renewed its employment benefits immediately, and eve

Since then, no one heard any complaints about overworking.

Hedeon did not expect that Nollace would come up with this plan, and the effect of his method was exce

In the corridor, he followed Nollace around the office. “Bro, how did you come up with that idea?”

Nollace stood in front of the elevator and pressed the button on the elevator. “The act of complaining
will create a chain reaction. When one person is complaining, others will naturally follow suit.”

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