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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2467

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Chapter 2467

Colton leaned back in the chair. “As soon as we bring your father over, this will be your home from now

She was flustered and stared at Colton. “You…”

“There’s no need to thank me in such a hurry.” Colton stroked the ends of her hair, hugged her in his ar
ms, and pressed his lips against her ear. “After all, I still can’t accept the fact that

my wife is being looked down upon out there.”

Her eyes turned bloodshot instantly, and her heart trembled and skipped a beat.

After everyone got out of the cars, they were surprised again.

No one could believe that this was Freyja’s husband’s residence.

‘No wonder he didn’t even bother to stay there. This place is so much bigger than Shannon’s boyfriend’
s villa.

‘There’s even a helipad on
the lawn, and a rose garden surrounds the villa. If we walk into its backyard, we might even get lost, wo
n’t we?

Colton led them into the rose garden, where more than a dozen servants were still decorating the scen
e for the party. The long table
in the middle of the garden was covered with a white tablecloth, and on top of the table were silver tabl
eware and bottles of red wine. The red wine was Conti,

and each bottle cost $15,000. Even the delicacies were cooked on–site by chefs hired from Michelin–
star–rated hotels.

The grandeur of this banquet suppressed that of Shannon’s party in a matter of seconds. ‘This is not ev
en a competition.‘

Because there were waiters, waitresses, and chefs on site, they did not have to worry about the reoccu
rrence of the incident that happened back at Shannon’s party. At that moment, everyone was glad deep
down that they had made the correct choice to leave that party! Colton turned around and said to Freyj
a, “Since you’re the hostess of the night, you’re in charge of this banquet. You’ll be the one who entertai
ns your friends.”

After saying that, he looked at their guests. “From now on, I’ll leave my
wife under your care, so please do treat her well.”

When everyone came to the table, the waiters served them their dishes, which made the experience
very similar to dining in a fine dining restaurant. It was just that eating outdoors made everyone feel like
they were closer to nature.

At this time, someone asked, “Freyja, is your husband really an entrepreneur who owns a small busine

“I think Shannon lied to us. Doesn’t she always like to show off that she’s living a better life

than others?”

Freyja smiled. “He really doesn’t own a small business.”

“I knew it. But Freyja, you indeed have been doing a great job in hiding it. Let’s put the fact that you got
married secretly aside. You actually kept it from us.”

“If I were you, I wouldn’t want to bring it up either.”

Freyja pursed her lips and explained calmly, “Even if I were to bring it up, others would only think that I’
m showing off. Moreover, I just don’t think that it’s necessary. You live your
life for yourself, don’t you? So, all we need to do is live our own lives to the fullest, and that’s it.”

There was a sudden silence at the dinner table. After all, what she said was reasonable.

‘Yeah, even if Freyja were to tell all of us that she’s gotten married
and her husband is filthy rich, we’d only think that it’s her way of showing off her life to us.

‘In fact, we all know that Shannon has always been showing off. It’s said that people like to show off thin
through doing so, they get to satisfy their self–esteem and pride.

‘But if someone were to show off only for the sake of their personal pride, and they do so through the we
thing to do? Because those items don’t belong to them.‘

“Hey, let’s not talk about this anymore. By the way, Freyja, how did you and your husband meet?”

“| guess your first meeting must be very romantic, right?”

Freyja paused for a bit, recalled something, and replied with a smile, “Romantic? That’s not the word tha
despised each other at first.”

“Oh, so you two started as rivals? It’s very romantic for two people who hated each other to come togeth

Freyja’s grin widened. “Yeah, I won’t refute that.”

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