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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2469

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Chapter 2469

“But do they really want to leave the company? It’s just that they think they’re overworking, so they’re fu
ll of complaints. If so, all we need to do is give them the opportunity to leave the company. That will shu
t some people’s mouths, while those who don’t really
want to leave will consider the pros and cons themselves, making their own decisions based on the situ
ation that they’re in. And when that’s happening, we only have to tweak
the benefits and salaries. With that, what do you think will go through their minds?”

Hedeon gave it a good thought. “I see. They’ll think the
notice asking them to resign is only a temptation.”

The elevator door opened, and Nollace got in. “They’ll think that it’s a fluke, they’ll be glad that they’ve c
hosen to stay, and those who left the company will miss the benefits and salary raise. With that,
the complaints will naturally stop.”

Hedeon was in a daze as this seemed to make sense. Nollace held the elevator and looked up at him. “
Aren’t you going to come in?”

Hedeon returned to his senses and hurried in.

The elevator arrived at the first floor, and the moment the two metal doors opened, Nollace looked up
and saw Daisie standing at the door.

He was slightly startled, then pursed his lips and let off a smile. “Why did you come here in person? Did
n’t Mom tell you to get more rest?”

Daisie picked up the lunch box hidden behind her and grinned brightly. “Mom asked me to bring you lun

Hedeon stared at the two of them and asked faintly, “Bro, is this your wife?”

Nollace nodded.

Hedeon rubbed his palms against his
clothes and stretched out his hand with a smile, wanting to shake her hand. “Nice
to meet you, Mrs. Knowles.”

Daisie was about to shake his hand out of politeness, but Nollace grabbed her hand over and held it ab

Hedeon was caught off guard.

Nollace turned his head and glanced at him. “Who gave you permission to shake her hand?” Hedeon
was at a loss for words.

He withdrew his hand with a disheartened expression. “I won’t mind if you don’t want us to shake hand
s. But how are you this jealous? No way, bro! How are you this possessive?”

Nollace pulled Daisie to his side. “You brat, just a few more words, and I’ll send you back to Haniston.”

Hedeon felt extremely wronged. “Geez, that’s not how you treat your buddy.”

Daisie burst out laughing.

The two stared at her, so she restrained herself a little more and wrapped her arm around that of Nollac
e’s. “Nollace got himself a younger brother? That’s not something that one gets to see every day.”

Hedeon explained, “I call him my brother only because he’s older than me.”

Nollace frowned. “Are you very free at the moment?”

Hedeon knew that all he wanted was to send him away, so he pouted. “I’m not very free. I’m a hectic m
an, so I’m leaving already.”

He took two steps forward, turned his head around, and waved to Daisie.
“See you around, Mrs. Knowles.”

Daisie smiled and waved back at him.

When she came back to her senses, she realized that the man standing next to her looked upset, and s
he could not hold back her laughter. “Are you jealous of my brother?”

“Brother?” Nollace tapped her on the head lightly with
his knuckle. “Since when did you get a new brother, giving me a new brother–in–law?”

She stuck out her tongue playfully. “Isn’t your brother my brother too?”

Nollace lifted the lunch box in his hand and wrapped his arm around her waist.
“Aren’t you here to accompany me for lunch? Let’s go.”

In the office…

Daisie sat on the couch across from him with her head resting in her hands, staring at Nollace while he a

Nollace put the document down, raised his head, and gave
off a smile. “As you command, Mrs. Knowles.”

“Nollace, are you very
busy? Then I won’t bother you anymore?” Just as she was about to get up, Nollace grabbed her hand. “
side. That’s how I get my motivation.”

She sat back in her seat. “That’s very slick of you.”

He raised his eyebrows. “Lick?”

She blushed and roared softly, “Slick, with an S!”

laughed so vigorously that his chest convulsed. He really loved to tease his wife when he had nothing
to do and watch as she blushed.

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