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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2472

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Chapter 2472

“What’s the meaning of this?”

Freyja frowned, but Shannon rushed over and grabbed onto her collar before she could speak. “They h
ave isolated me because of you. This is what you want, isn’t it?”

Freyja moved her hands away and shoved her aside. “What does this have to do with me?”

“You’ve always been lying to me all along. You
planned this with your husband, didn’t you? Why did he show up
after you said he wouldn’t? If it weren’t because of you, they wouldn’t have left. It’s all your fault!”

Shannon spilled all her anger on Freyja because she had shamed her in front of everyone and caused
everyone to isolate her.

Freyja ignored her and was going to leave.

Shannon grabbed her and wouldn’t let her leave. “I won’t let you
leave until we clear this.” At that moment, Leia showed up. “Shannon, what are you doing?”

She rushed over to pull Shannon away. “Are you crazy?”

Shannon pushed her away. “What? We’ve been friends for eight years, have you forgotten that? I apolo
gized, so what more do you want? Did Freyja say something to you? Is that why you’re ignoring me?”

After that, she tried to make Freyja the ‘culprit‘. “I knew it. She hates me. I said that her mother was in p
rison, so she took revenge that way. Have you all been brainwashed?”

“That’s enough!” Leia yelled at her.
“Do you think she needs to take revenge? Even if she did, it was your own fault.

“Shannon, I know you because we had eight years of friendship, and I’ve had enough. You think the wo
rld revolves around you and
want people to be around you. If we don’t follow what you want, you’ll get angry. Do you really treat us
as friends?”

Shannon had nothing to retort.

Leia laughed. “All you need is for someone to listen to you when you have something to show off and s
omeone to hold you in high regard. All our gatherings are about you talking about your life.

“Do you think we want to know about the problems you have with your
boyfriend? He gave you branded bags and watches, brought you traveling, how much money he spent
at art exhibitions… It’s always about you and how we envy you. Isn’t that what you want?”

Shannon turned pale because it was all true. “Lee, I—”

“I could deal with all of that, but yesterday? Do you know how hurtful what your boyfriend

said was? Do you know that Neema was almost raped in the pool yesterday?

“The two men were friends of your boyfriend. What did they say? They said we were there to sleep arou
to get. Your friend was almost hurt, but you still stood on their side instead of ours.”

What Leia was most disappointed about was that her so–called best friend never saw her as a friend.

Her friends were hurt, and she never said anything. Instead, she defended her boyfriend.

If they hadn’t left yesterday, who knew what would have happened?

Leia pulled Freyja by her arm. “Let’s go.”

After walking out of the building, Freyja turned to look at her. “Thanks.”

“Don’t worry about it. I just didn’t want her or what happened to us to be pinned on you.”

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