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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2473

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Chapter 2473

Leia turned to look at Freyja. “You can ignore her. She’s used to being surrounded by

people, so she’s feeling terrible now that she’s alone. She’ll be alright once she gets over


Freyja smiled and nodded.

At the same moment, in the Knowles mansion…

A car was parked
outside. Colton got out with a present and stepped into the garden. Peter walked out of the house. “Are
you Mr. Goldmann?”

Colton nodded.

“This way please.” Peter moved sideways and extended his arm.

Colton entered the mansion while Diana
and her husband sat in the living room. When they realized that Daisie’s brother was visiting, they mad
e preparations.

Peter escorted
Colton to the living room when Diana got up with a smile. “You must be Daisie’s brother. Have a seat.”

Colton sat down and placed the box of presents on the table. “My mother hasn’t had time to
come and visit, so they asked me to come over. This is a little gift I’ve prepared for you.”

“We’re really glad you’re here.” She remembered something. “How is Freyja? We haven’t seen her in a

Colton nodded. “She’s great.”

At that moment, Daisie and Nollace’s peals of laughter echoed as they walked down the stairs.

When she saw Colton, Daisie quickened her steps. “Colton?”

She smiled at him. “I was just thinking about you, and now you’re here.”

Colton looked at her, then
quickly glanced at Nollace. “You look quite happy with him. Would you even come to visit me?”

Daisie frowned. “You’re the one who’s always stuck with Freyja. I don’t want to intrude.”

“You’re talking back now?”

Nollace must have taught her that.

She pretended
to be shocked. “Oh, so only Freyja can talk back, and I can’t? Talk about double standards.”

“Double standards? You’re a traitor.”

“You can’t control me.”

Diana and Rick looked at each other, then he smiled. “You both look really close.”

Daisie and Colton turned away at the same time, so the back of their heads faced each


Diana smiled. “Alright, since Daisie’s brother is here, let’s get lunch ready. Please stay for lunch.”

She walked into the kitchen.

Rick got up too. “Nollace. Please be a good host to your brother–in–law. I’ll be out of your way.”

He didn’t want to be there when the children were talking. He should run along.

Nollace sat on the couch across from them. “It’s so rare to see you here.”

Colton looked at him. “I came because-”

“Because of Mom, right?” Daisie cut him off and sat next
to Nollace. “Mom must have asked you to come on their behalf.”

She knew her brother too well.

Colton nodded. “You know it.”

Nollace put his hand on Daisie’s
shoulder. “I heard that your brother bought a villa with a lot of money. Should we go visit one day?”

She was curious. “You got a villa in Yaramoor?”

Colton crossed his arms and didn’t answer her question. He looked at Nollace. “You’re quick with your in

He picked up his teacup and
chuckled. “I would know of such a huge investment. Is it because of Freyja?”

“Who else?”

That wasn’t the first time he admitted that he would do things for Freyja. Daisie smiled widely. “Your rela

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