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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2475

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Chapter 2475

“Will I still be able to carry her when I get home?”

Colton pinched her cheek. “You think your baby is going to be too heavy?”

Freyja moved his hand away and looked down. “I’m afraid that she might not recognize me anymore. D
o you think I’m selfish?”

Colton grabbed her hand. “We’ll spend all the time with her when we’re back and watch her grow up.”

Freyja smiled and nodded.

When they got back, they
saw that Brandon and the helper had decorated the home. It became really festive.

Brandon looked at them and smiled. “You’re back.”

“Dad, what are you doing?”

“Well, I’m just doing nothing, so I thought I should try to help out.” Brandon hung the little presents on th
e Christmas tree. “Your mother hated all these decorations and trinkets, so I never got the chance to pu
t them up.”

Freyja beamed.

That was true. One Christmas, even though her mother never liked all these, Brandon wanted Ken and
her to enjoy it, so he still hung some decorations.

After getting home, she would fly into a rage and ask the helpers to remove everything.

Brandon never objected to that. Freyja was young at that time, so she was afraid of her mother.

After that, they had really boring Christmasses.

Freyja later found out that her mother never loved Christmas because her grandmother passed a few d
ays before Christmas, and when she remembered Christmas, she would remember her passing and
fall into despair.

Colton removed his coat and rolled up his sleeves.
“Let me help. It will be more efficient with one more pair of hands.”

Brandon was glad.

Freyja couldn’t help but walk over and join them.

At Bassburgh…

The neon lights brightened up the city at night. The streets were busy with cars and people.

There was a party at the martial arts center on Christmas Eve. They had a potluck, and

everyone joined in. It was very lively.

Cameron had terrible alcohol tolerance, so she sat there zoning out after a few drinks instead of joining
in on their games.

Nick walked down and saw her sitting there next to the
window alone, so he walked over and sat in the seat across from her. He moved a kettle in
front of her. “You shouldn’t drink if you can’t handle it.”

Cameron looked up. “You know how to care for others?”

He calmly said, “I’m the person in charge here. If you die, I will have a problem on my hands.”

Cameron didn’t pour out a cup of tea. “Don’t worry. I will be the last to die.”

Nick didn’t reply.

“Hey…” Cameron slowly sipped her
tea and looked at him. “Do you hate me for treating you that way in the past?”

Nick was calm. “It’s all in the past now.”

Cameron pretended to be shocked. “Wow, I didn’t know Mr. Wicham to be such a tolerant


He looked away. “Stop being sarcastic.”

Cameron chuckled because she had one too many. She had the guts to say anything. “I heard that you
the three ‘witches‘ and now you don’t even dare get close to a woman anymore.”

Nick got a little defensive, maybe because it was true. “You can speak less.”

“I would like to formally apologize.
I hated you in the past because you were always against me.” Cameron rested
her head on her hand because she was feeling a little drowsy.

Nick was quiet.

Cameron continued. “I admit I was a little arrogant, so, understandably, you couldn’t stand it. I just
wanted to calm your ego and prank you. But I didn’t know that you
would be criticized and forced to leave home because of that.”

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