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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2478

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Chapter 2478

Cameron was rendered speechless.

She did not know how to refute
Chadwick at all, and she was worried that he couldn’t get a girlfriend in the future with his blunt attitude.

She squatted in front of Chadwick and looked him in the eyes. “There’s no rule that you have to like
it or that you can’t refuse it. But regardless of whether you like it or not, you have to say thank you for
other people’s kindness.

“Even if you don’t want it, you can tell her that you don’t need it and say thank you for her kind gesture.
This is basic courtesy, understand?”

Chadwick looked at her for a while and said, “You’re so noisy.”

Just when Cameron was about to say something, the girl
cried out loud, so she could only leave Chadwick aside to comfort the girl.

Nick heard the commotion and came over. He picked the girl up from the floor and asked, ” Why are yo
u crying? Do you not like your present?”

The girl sobbed and shook her head. There were tears dangling at the corner of her eyes as she sobbe
d. “He doesn’t like me…”

Nick threw
a glance at Chadwick and caressed her head. “It isn’t that he doesn’t like you. It’s just that he doesn’t k
now how to make friends. Alright, let’s stop crying. I’ll take you to get a present, okay?”

The girl stopped crying and nodded.

Nick carried the girl to the receptionist and took another two presents for the girl.

Cameron turned her head to look at Chadwick. She saw that there was a mixed expression on his face.

She was puzzled and looked in the direction of Nick and the girl. When she heard Chadwick clicking his
tongue and turning his head away disdainfully, she was surprised.

‘Could it be that…‘

At the same time, Dylan walked up to her and said, “I suggest you drop your thought of taking the youn
g Boucher as your disciple. You’re not his goal at all.”

Cameron scoffed coldly and spun around to look at Dylan. “So, you’re saying
that I’m not good enough?”

Standing with his arms crossed in front of his chest, Dylan said, “Yeah. After all, you can’t beat the gran

Cameron was rendered speechless.

Seeing that Nick was going upstairs, Cameron left Dylan aside and chased after him.

Cameron called out to him when he was about to enter his office and asked, “Why don’t you want to tak
e Chadwick as your disciple? You know that he wants you to be his master, right?”

He froze for a moment before turning his head to look at her. “I won’t accept any disciple.”

Cameron leaned against the wall and continued. “You think he can’t handle hardship because of his yo
ung age and his status as a rich kid?”

He did not make any comment.

Cameron turned her head to look at him. “Why do you have so much prejudice against him?”

“I don’t have any prejudice against him,” said Nick. “I don’t like people who give up halfway. I’m not sur
e if his family background will hinder him from maintaining his passion. If he learns martial arts just so t
hat he can be a bully like Conroy, then I’m not going to accept any disciples.”

“Conroy was your disciple?”

Nick did not say anything, but Cameron already knew the answer.

Clicking her tongue, she said, “Well, he’s weak. After learning Taekwondo in
a foreign country, he came back and learned martial arts from you, but he was still so weak.”

Nick looked at her and asked, “Then what about you? Why do you want to take him as your disciple?”

“He’s very mature. Even though he’s learning martial arts for self–
defense, he’s taking it more seriously than other kids his age,” Cameron replied without any hesitation.

After pausing for a short while, she continued. “He has this energy that is not found in any children of his

Nick gazed at her and said, “Since you want him to be your disciple, that’s all the more reason for me no
him in.”

After he finished speaking, he pushed the door open and entered his office.

Looking at the door, Cameron frowned slightly.

‘He was pretty gentle when he was comforting the girl, but why is he being so cold to me?‘

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