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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2479

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Chapter 2479

At the Blackgold Group…

The department staff members discussed their evening activities during their free time. When
Leonardo was passing by them with a
gift box in his hand, one of them asked, “Mr. Prichard, is that a gift from your girlfriend?”

Leonardo was stunned for a moment. Then, he
smiled at them awkwardly and said, “Nope. I don’t have a girlfriend. This is for Mr. Goldmann.”

All of them gathered around Leonardo. “What is this? Is this jewelry?”

“Is this a gift from Mr. Goldmann to his wife?”

“He’s so romantic. How come no one gave me a gift for Christmas?”

Honestly, Leonardo did not know what it was. But it should be jewelry judging from the brand.

Nobody knew when Waylon was standing behind them. He chuckled and said,
“It seems to me that none of you want to leave work early, so how about I give you more work?”

“No, no, no, we want to get off work early. We still have dates tonight.”

They hurriedly went back to their seats.

Leonardo walked up to Waylon and handed the
gift box in his hand to him. “Is this a gift for Ms. Southern?”

Waylon took over the gift and replied, “Yeah. I have to make up to her.”

“What is it inside?”

“You want to know?”

Leonard smacked his lips and whispered, “Everyone wants to know about it.’

“Hurry up and finish your work. After that, you guys can leave early today.” Waylon patted his
shoulder and went back into his office.

Those staff members‘ eyes glowed brightly when they heard what Waylon said. Apparently, Waylon wa
s more humane than Colton.

In the evening, Waylon came to the martial arts center to pick up Cameron. Holding a few gifts in her
hand, Cameron came out of the building happily.

After she got into the car, Waylon gazed at the gifts in her arms.

Cameron sensed his gaze and handed a gift to him with a smile on her face. “Here. This is for you.”

He did not take it and asked, “Just one?”

She had so many gifts, and she was just going to give him one only?

Cameron withdrew her hand and said, “If you don’t want it, then I’m keeping
it for myself. These are gifts from those kids. Aren’t they cute?”

After she finished speaking, she waved a small doll keychain at Waylon.

Waylon chuckled and looked at her. “Since you like kids so much, why don’t we get one ourselves?”

Cameron was stumped and turned her face away. “But… But I don’t want to have kids so soon.”

Although she liked kids very much.

Waylon grabbed her hand and landed a few kisses on the back of her hand. “What a coincidence. I don’

After a short while, Cameron realized they were not heading back to Emperon, nor were they going to th

“We’re going to grab something to eat, and then we’ll start our honeymoon.”

“What?” She was shocked. “We’re going for our honeymoon like this? What about our luggage?”

Waylon looked at the front and replied, “Don’t worry. I’ve gotten
everything ready. Our luggage is in the trunk.”

Cameron did not know what to say. Suddenly, she realized something, and her face turned red. “You… Y

“You’re my wife. Isn’t that normal?” he replied matter–of–factly.

Cameron bit her lips. He even helped her to take her undergarments, and she felt embarrassed.

They only arrived at the hot spring resort in Coralia around 9:30 p.m.
Coralia was covered with snow, and there were many visitors in the resort.

Waylon had reserved a villa with private balconies and a courtyard with a hot spring pool. The interior of

Cameron put on her bathrobe, opened the door, and went
into the courtyard. “Wow. So this is a hot spring?”

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