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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2480

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Chapter 2480

Waylon came out and asked, “You have never been to a hot spring before?”

“We don’t have winter in the East Islands, so of course, we don’t have hot springs there,” Cameron
said as she turned her head around. However, when she saw that Waylon had
only wrapped a towel around his waist, she quickly jerked her head back to look

somewhere else.

Waylon walked up to her and hugged her from the back. “Are you not going into the hot spring?”

She took a deep breath and said, “Yes, I would like to try the hot spring, but you need to let me go first.”

He chuckled and said, “Sure. After all, we have plenty of time.”

After he finished speaking, he picked Cameron up from the ground.

Cameron quickly wrapped her arms around his neck and closed her eyes. “I warn you! Don’t ever throw
me into the hot spring!”

Waylon carried her into the hot spring.

Water splashed everywhere. Cameron emerged from the water, her long wet hair sticking to her back.

She wiped the water off her face and shouted, “You’re a jerk!”

Waylon chuckled and pulled her into his arms. “Cam.”

Suddenly, Cameron felt a cold tingly sensation on the finger that he was holding. She was stunned for
a moment, and when she looked down, there was a blue diamond ring on her ring.

The diamond had a light blue color that was similar to the sky.

It was a blue diamond that reached the IF clarity grade. It was embedded into the platinum ring, which
further accentuated its clear, light blue tone.

Waylon grabbed her finger and kissed it. “Although we’ve already had our wedding in the East Islands,
I haven’t properly proposed to you yet.”

She was stunned. She looked at the ring, and it took
her a long while before she asked, When did you buy it?”

He chuckled and said, “I ordered it a long time ago.”

She did not say anything.

Waylon collected her long wet hair behind her back and exposed her face. “Do who designed this

you know

Cameron looked at him and asked, “Who designed it?”

“Chadwick’s mother did.”

Cameron was stunned. “His mother is a jewelry designer?”

Waylon nodded. “His mother is a jewelry designer as well, just
like our mother. Aunt Naomi used to work in my mother’s company, and she was her mentor. Now she
has opened her own jewelry studio and only receives orders for ring customization.”

Cameron touched the ring on her finger. It was pretty, but…

She extended her hand and asked, “Do you want me to fight with such a beautiful ring on my finger?”

Waylon scoffed. “You still want to fight?”

“Let me rephrase. Are you sure you want me to train with such a beautiful ring on my finger?”

Waylon grabbed her chin and kissed her. “It doesn’t matter.”

The mist was getting thicker and enveloped both of them whole.

It was 2:00 p.m. in Yaramoor. Daisie brought Nollace to have lunch with Colton.

Freyja knew they were coming, so she had been waiting for them.

As soon as Daisie got out of the car, she waved her arm at Freyja. “Freyja!”

Freyja walked up to her with a smile on her face and grabbed her arm. “You’re pregnant. You need to be

Daisie smiled, “Don’t worry. I will.”

Freyja’s father came out of the villa as well. He looked at Nollace and greeted him.
“It has been a long time since I last saw you, Nolly.”

Nollace nodded at him. “Yeah, it has been a long time, Uncle Brandon.”

“Come in first.” Brandon invited them into the house.

Daisie, Nollace, Colton, and Freyja entered the house. The mansion was a duplex mansion. It was finely
atmosphere with all the decorative items. Freyja gave all the maids
and chefs a holiday since it was Christmas. She brought Daisie into the kitchen and showed her
the dinner she was preparing.

Nollace and Brandon were drinking tea in the living room.

“How are your parents, Nolly?”

The last time Brandon saw Nollace was when he was attending high school.

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