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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2482

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Chapter 2482

Nollace wrapped his arms around Daisie’s shoulder and gnawed the taco exactly where she had bitten
it. “Of course. And it tastes very sweet, just like you.”

Daisie’s cheeks warmed up. “You… I only asked you to grab a taste of the taco, and
you’re giving me nonsense.”

His smile widened. “We just had a full meal at Colton’s, and you’re already eating a taco.” “Your son is t
he one who’s hungry, not me.”

“Then our son has quite a huge appetite. He’ll probably be a chubby boy in the future.”

Daisie covered her abdomen with her palm and laughed. “Why must it be a chubby boy? It might be a c
hubby girl.”

Nollace lifted her hair with his fingertips, saw her slightly gluttonous look, and could not help but laugh o
ut loud. “It doesn’t matter. I like both genders.”

At this time, Daisie’s cell phone rang. She took it out and looked at the caller ID.

It was Diana.


Diana said with a smile, “Daisie, your dad and I will stay in the palace tonight, and we won’t return hom
e, so please pass this message to Nollace for me. By the way, do remember to tell me if that kid dares t
o bully you.”

Nollace leaned over closer to the cell phone, heard the sentence, and
grabbed the cell phone. “Okay, Mom. If you want to go on a date with Dad, just go. Don’t disturb us.”

Upon hearing Nollace’s voice, Diana snorted. “If you dare to bully Daisie while we’re away, the only thin
g waiting for you when I get back will be an *ss–whooping.”

Daisie squinted, chuckled, and said next to the phone, “Don’t worry, Mom. Nollace won’t bully me.”

Nollace hung up
the phone and hugged Daisie in his arms. “My parents aren’t in. No one will be there to bother
us tonight…”

She whispered, “All you think about all day are such filthy things.”

Nollace lowered his head and pecked her on the cheek. “Who told you to take me in and become my wi

One month later…

Daisie’s stomach started to bloat slightly. Although it was not obvious, she seemed to be able to feel th
e little fella in her womb now.

Coupled with Diana’s meticulous care, she was well–
fed, had gained a significant amount of weight, and had become more voluptuous–looking.

Daisie had not been posting any updates on Twitter for a month, and the first post she uploaded
was a photo of her and Diana, which made many netizens envious.

#Holy sh*t! Daisie’s mother–in–law looks stunning!#

#No wonder Daisie’s husband looks so good. It seems that he’s inherited it from his mother!#

#Dada is indeed the family’s favorite too!#

#The world owes me such a good mother–in–law!#

Diana was overjoyed to see Daisie’s fans praising her for her young and gorgeous appearance. “It see
ms that I didn’t hold you back in the photo.”

Daisie laughed. “No worries, Mom. You look just as good as my mom.”

“Oh really? Speaking of which, I still haven’t met your mother after all this while. I really want to.” Diana c

Rick, who was sitting across from Diana drinking his tea, closed the newspaper in his hands. “By the wa
two kids? Let’s bring them into the palace this week.”

Diana recalled it all of a sudden. “Yeah, I totally forgot about that.”

After saying that, she covered the back of Daisie’s hand. “You should come to the palace together with N

Daisie was startled for a split second but did not refuse. “Okay.”

The next day, Daisie and Nollace went into the palace.

King William waited in his chamber, and after the announcement of their arrival and

getting King William’s permission, the two stepped into the chamber.

King William sat on his bed, and because of his illness, he looked very haggard and pale.

Nollace led Daisie to the bedside. “Grandfather.”

He nodded and ordered the servants to bring chairs for them. “I haven’t seen you for such a long time, N

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