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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2483

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Chapter 2483

Nollace stared at King William. “How are you feeling?”

He smiled and explained, “It’s fine. Everyone falls sick when
they get old. I’ve given all my life to the politics of this country, and I’ve devoted myself to state affairs. I’
ve never neglected my people, but with that, I’ve definitely ignored you guys back at home.”

Nollace pursed his lips and did not utter a single word.

William looked outside the window, and his gaze dimmed. “I wronged your grandmother back then, you
r mother, you, and let’s not forget about Freyja.”

He was also very saddened by what Freyja’s mother had done. After all, she was also his daughter.

And Freyja had always been innocent.

Daisie’s eyebrows twitched.
“Grandpa, you have to take good care of your health. You’ll still have the chance to make up for the thin
gs that you just mentioned in the future, and I’m

confident that Freyja won’t blame you.”

Hearing what Daisie said, King William smiled. “I hope so too.”

He then started coughing all of a sudden, and Nollace became nervous instantly.”


King William waved his
hands, soothed his breath, and said, “I know my condition very well. That’s why there’s one thing that I
hope you can promise me.”

Nollace lowered his gaze. “Do tell.”

King William took out two documents, two sets of wills to be precise, from the bedside

table drawer.

One belonged to Nollace, while the other belonged to Freyja.

Nollace’s pupils constricted instantly. “Grandfather, you’re-”

“Death is an inevitable event in life. Everyone will have to face it someday. It’s just that I’m not sure how
much longer I will have, so I must make preparations before that day comes.’

King William handed the two wills to Nollace. “I know you’re not very interested in inheriting the throne,
so I won’t force you to do so. The wills will go into effect as soon as I die, and the
royal family will fall into your mother’s hand from then onward. I believe that she’ll become an excellent
queen, and with your father’s assistance, there’s nothing for me to worry about.”

He covered the back of Nollace’s hand. “So, promise me.”

Nollace’s expression looked tense. He knew that if he did not agree, his grandfather would


definitely not be able to be at ease. Thus, he took a deep breath after a long time and gave him a promi
se. “Okay. Grandfather, you have my word.”

King William gave off a faint smile.

The two then left the palace.

On their way back, Nollace’s expression looked extremely anguished. Daisie held his hand, silently acc
ompanying him the whole time.

Nollace took her into his arms. “Thank you, Daisie.”

He thanked her for staying with him.

Daisie patted him on the back and coaxed him. “I’m your wife. There’s no need for you to be so polite t
o me. Besides, I’ll still be with you no matter what happens.”

He buried his face in her shoulders and hugged her tightly.

Unsurprisingly, it was not long before the news of King William’s death caused a sensation worldwide. Y
mast outside the palace, and many
citizens who were close to the royal family went to mourn outside the palace gate.

Upon hearing the news of their
father’s death, Diana and Rick rushed to the palace early to organize King William’s funeral. The media

Diana was King William’s only daughter, and
now that King William had passed away, she had attracted the most media attention out of anyone in the

After all, she was about to become the queen of the royal family.

On the other side of the country, at the film college…

“Have you heard that King William passed away this morning?”

“King William seldom attended parliamentary meetings and
events since half a year ago. His health probably had been deteriorating since then.”

pen fell to the ground when she heard these words. She got out of her seat abruptly and ran out.

Because Leia was worried about her, she got up and went after her.

Freyja stopped underneath the classrooms and cried out loud as sadness overwhelmed


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