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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2484

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Chapter 2484

Leia walked to her side. “Freyja, are… Are you okay?”

She shook her head and could not even utter a word at that moment.

Leia stayed by her side and comforted her until Colton appeared. He knew that Freyja

would hear the news, so he rushed to the college to find her.

Colton brought Freyja to his side. “Thanks, Leia. Sorry to have bothered you. You can leave her to me

Leia nodded.

Colton got into the car with Freyja in his arms, and the car then left the college.

He brought Freyja to the palace, and just as Freyja was puzzled, Nollace and Daisie
walked out of the huge building. “Freyja, you should also go see Grandpa for the last time.”

Freyja clenched the hands that were hanging by her sides and quickly stepped indoors.

The people who came to mourn were all dignitaries and politicians in the main hall.

King William’s body was placed in
a glass coffin, and his expression looked peaceful, as if he was asleep.

Freyja appeared in the hall, followed by Nollace.

She walked to the glass coffin step by step. Although she was not very close to her so- called grandfath
er, she still felt a faint torment deep down when she thought that the person lying there was her biologic

al grandfather.

After the memorial service was over, Nollace handed over a stack of documents to her. This is what gra
ndfather left for you.”

Freyja was slightly startled, and after a long pause, she took it from him. “But why?”

“Because you’re his granddaughter as well?”

Freyja bit her lips tightly, squeezed the documents in her hands, and crumpled them. Nollace did not sa
y a word, turned around, and walked out of the corridor.

She stood alone in the empty corridor, mottled by the lights, and her lonesome shadow was cast on the
glass window.

In fact, even if King William did not remember having a granddaughter, she would not feel

too bad.

However, when Nollace handed her the will and told
her that she was King William’s granddaughter too, only then did she understand that her grandfather h
ad never forgotten about her.

Freyja lowered her head as if something was crushed in her chest cavity and then held the documents t
ightly in her arms and against her chest.

She even had to hold back her voice as she cried.

Colton stood behind her. After a long time, he approached her step by step, raised his hands, and grab
bed her by her shoulders.

She was startled, turned around, and stared at Colton with tears still rolling down her cheeks.

Colton took her into his arms. She lowered her gaze and buried her face into his shoulder. He wrapped
his arms around her trembling shoulders and said in a low voice, “Cry out loud if you feel like doing so.
No one will laugh at you.”

Freyja hugged him tightly and soaked his shoulders with tears.

After leaving the palace, Freyja did not speak since she got in the car. She leaned against the car windo
the window.

The streets and alleys all looked deserted, but she still saw pedestrians holding their king’s portraits, mo

Colton took a glance at her through the rearview mirror. “You can cry all you want now, but look at you. P
explain myself if that happens.”

Freyja wiped the tears on the corners of her eyes away. “Dad probably saw the
news too. He’ll understand.”

“I’m worried that if you go back with this crybaby of a
face, your dad will cry with you when he sees it later.”

Colton pretended to sigh. “You can cry all you want, and I can always coax you. But if Dad is the one wh

She stopped crying and chuckled. “Since when did I ask you to coax me?”

Her gaze continued to be fixed
on the scenery outside the window. “Actually, it’s just very regretful that I didn’t even get to see my grand

Colton frowned slightly and replied calmly, “There are always regrets in life, and no one could predict wh

“You claimed that you failed to see him one last time before he passed away, so why didn’t he summon

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