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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2485

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Chapter 2485

“I don’t think so. Maybe he knew
that his life was already coming to an end, and he didn’t want to burden someone else with more
sadness. Even if you got to see him on his

deathbed, you wouldn’t be able to change anything. All you would get from that was sorrow, and you mi
ght not even be able to accept the situation. If he were to see you with this melancholic expression, he’
d feel even guiltier and uneasier.”

Freyja lowered her gaze and said nothing.

After a long time, she forced a smile. “Thank you for comforting me.”

At the villa…

Brandon saw them coming in, got up slowly, and saw Freyja’s bloodshot eyes.

‘Even I know about King William’s death. She must’ve known about it too.’


“Dad, don’t worry, I’m fine.”

After saying that, she turned around and went upstairs.

watched with a worried expression as she went upstairs, and Colton turned to look at him. “She went to
the memorial service. Let’s just say that she was able to send her grandfather off.”

Brandon regained his composure and nodded. “Thank you for staying by her side.”

Freyja returned to the room, sat on her bed, stared at
the will in her hand, and hesitated for a long time before opening it.

A letter fell out of the envelope at that moment.

The letterhead was reserved for the royal family, and Freyja’s name was written on the recipient colum

She was stunned for a split second and quickly tore the letter’s envelope open.

The content of the letter was as followed:

Freyja, I know what your mother has done, and I’m sorry for letting you grow up in an environment whe
re a mother’s love was nowhere to be found. As the king of this country, I’m indebted to your grandmoth
er, and I’ve not educated your mother well, and I even caused you not to have a complete family.

I didn’t take your mother and brother in because their thirst for power had already

consumed them. This was also the biggest failure of my life. However, throughout all the chaos, you’ve
always been the innocent one. When I learned that she actually had a daughter, I couldn’t bear to know
that you were being maltreated. That’s why I announced

your identity to the
public back then, but I didn’t expect that my action didn’t change your mother’s attitude toward you.

Freyja, you’re a kind girl. Although I can’t do
anything for you when I’m alive, I hope I can leave you something after my departure from the world. I’ll
do my best to make up for you. I hope you don’t refuse this little thought of mine.

After seeing the closing of the letter and the signature that William had left at the lower right corner, Fre
yja covered her mouth, and tears gushed down her cheeks again, smearing the ink on the letter.

Colton stood outside the door. He originally wanted to knock on the
door, but when he heard the sobbing that was coming from inside, he stopped, turned around, and left
without saying anything.

On the third day of the king’s death, Diana and her
husband were totally occupied by the country’s political affairs, and the coronation ceremony would tak
e place in another week.

The media were scrambling around the capital city for news surrounding the royal family. King William’s

When domestic netizens heard the news, many people envied Daisie even more. The Goldmanns‘ in–
laws had risen to the center of the royal family, and the man who married the daughter
of the Goldmanns was now a legitimate prince.

#Fairy tales really don’t lie. The princess will always get married to a prince.#

#Dada must’ve saved the universe in her previous life to be blessed with such a life encounter, right?#

#Won’t that make
Dada the princess of Yaramoor now? Hahaha, she’s reached the pinnacle of her life. #

When Zephir saw this news article, he flung the newspaper onto the desk. Before he got to know Nollac

But now, he seemed unable to deny what Colton had said to him back then.

‘If I want to marry Daisie, my family status and background have to outmatch the Goldmanns one way o

‘A princess will always choose to marry a prince, while a knight can only accept that he’ll always be a kn

He slumped on the couch and covered his face with his palm, feeling ridiculed by his thoughts.

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