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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2486

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Chapter 2486

There was a knock on the door, and Zephir looked through his fingers. “Come in.”

Leah opened the door and walked in, and he was slightly startled by her appearance. “Why are you her

Leah lifted the bag she was carrying, which contained snacks and beer. “Seeing that you’ve been stayi
ng home, recuperating for so long, I was afraid that you’d be bored, so I came to visit you.”

She put the beer on the table and took out some snacks. “At this time, you definitely need a drink, don’t

Zephir gave off a faint sneer. “You’ve read the news?”

“As long as one isn’t blind, they will surely see it.”

She opened a can of beer and handed it to him.

Zephir took it from her and took a sip.

Leah sat across from him. “Your injury should almost be healed, shouldn’t it?”

He responded with a casual hum.

Leah lifted her head and stared at him for a long time. “It’s not that I want to nag you, but I really think it’
s time for you to
leave your feelings for Daisie behind. After all, she’s already married, and you can’t do anything to
change it.”

“So what?” Zephir’s gaze shifted away from her. “Are you here to persuade me to give up on her?”

“Then what do you plan to do if you don’t want to give up? Do you think you still have a chance?” Leah’
s expression looked very solemn. “Zephir, we grew up together. I don’t want to see you go astray becau
se of that persistence of yours, or should I say stubbornness. It’s not worth it.”

He did not utter a single word.

Leah lowered her gaze and looked at
the cider in her hand. “I understand that you won’t listen to what I have to say. I won’t even bother to ca
re about you if you’re not a friend.”

“Then why do you care?”

“Because we’re friends.”

Zephir looked at her.

Leah pursed her lips, looked away, and changed the subject. “You’ve recovered from the injury. Aunt P
atricia won’t let you pursue your career as a director now, so what do you plan

to do now?”

Zephir stroked the beer can in his hand. “I don’t know.”

He really did not know what to do.

In other words, he actually did not know if he still wanted to stick to this line of work.

In the beginning, he chose to enter the industry only because of Daisie, but he no longer

knew now.

Leah took a deep breath–
she totally understood his hesitation. “Actually, all you need to do is follow the voice in your heart. Is it r
eally the career that you want to pursue most? You don’t make a choice because of someone else. Cho
ose for yourself and yourself only.”

Zephir continued to drink without saying anything.

Leah left the Goslings‘ residence at noon and met Patricia in the courtyard.

Seeing Leah, Patricia gave off a faint smile. “Leah, have you come to visit Zephir?”

Leah nodded. “Yes, Aunt Patricia.”

Patricia walked up to Leah and grabbed her hand.
“Leah, please help me persuade Zephir. You two have grown up together since you were little kids, and

Leah was a little embarrassed. “Aunt, I’ve tried to persuade him multiple times, but at the end of the day

Patricia chuckled all of a sudden. “How good would it be if you were my daughter–in–law.”

Leah was flustered. “A–Aunt Patricia, what are you talking about?”

“I can tell that you actually have a thing for Zephir, don’t you?” Patricia caressed her cheek. “The relation

Leah’s eyelids twitched.

‘I’ve always concealed this
secret so deeply that no one else would realize it, yet Aunt Patricia has managed to see through it.‘

But she thought of something
and lowered her gaze. “Aunt Patricia, he doesn’t have a thing for me. Such forced relationships won’t en

“Why not? Feelings can be cultured and groomed as time passes, not to mention that you two have suc

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