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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2490

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Chapter 2490

There were too few people who would say no to wealth and power.

At that moment, Shannon was standing not far away. Seeing that Leia and Freyja were getting closer
by the day, she felt irked.

Leia had always been obedient to her before this. She always thought that no matter what she did, Leia
would never cut off her connection with herself.

‘It’s all because of that b*tch. Freyja Pruitt, just wait. I’ll personally give you hell when the time comes.‘

At noon, when Freyja was leaving the college, Shannon suddenly stopped her and caught up to her
very anxiously. “Freyja, something happened to Leia!”

Freyja frowned. “What happened?”

She gasped for air and elaborated, “I was looking for her just now, but I saw her being harassed by
several men in the parking lot.”

Although Freyja had doubts, Leia’s safety was at stake, so she went with Shannon.

However, the parking lot was empty.

As soon as Freyja turned around, her eyes got sprayed with a can of aerosol. She took two steps
backward instantly, and two men appeared out of nowhere from behind her, covered her mouth, and
knocked her out.

Seeing Freyja being taken into a van, Shannon threw the aerosol can into the garbage bin with a smirk
on her face.

When Colton returned to the villa, Brandon saw that he was alone and asked, “Didn’t Fey come home
with you?”

Colton frowned. “She hasn’t come back?”

“No. Normally, she should’ve come back at this point. Could it be that she’s gone out with her

Colton did not say anything, took out his cell phone, and called Freyja, but her cell phone had been
turned off.

Based on what he knew about her, she would never turn off her phone.

Thinking of this, Colton felt uneasy. He then turned around and left immediately.

He drove to the college and just so happened to run into Leia. He got out of the car and stopped her.

Leia was astonished for a moment but then walked toward him. “Mr. Goldmann?”

“Where’s Freyja?”

“Freyja left the college at noon. What’s wrong? Did something happen?”

Seeing that his expression looked extremely distressed, Leia started to feel that something was wrong

Colton calmed himself down and asked, “Where’s the college’s surveillance or security room?”

Leia brought Colton to the surveillance room. Originally, the security guards did not allow them to go

through the footage, but as soon as Leia told them that a coursemate of hers had disappeared from
campus, the guards were worried that something might have happened, so they looked into the

footage. The surveillance showed that Freyja had indeed left the college, but after a while, a woman led
Freyja away from the campus‘ gate.

Although the footage only captured the woman’s back, Leia recognized it at first glance and covered
her mouth in shock. “Shannon?”

At the same time, Freyja woke up, found herself tied to a bed, and took a good look around the room.

It looked like one of the bedrooms of a villa, and there was a video camera being clamped at the end of
the bed.

The door was pushed open at that moment, and Shannon walked in with her boyfriend and two other
men. Shannon wrapped her arm around her boyfriend’s. “Why wake up so soon? The climax of the
show hasn’t even started yet.”

Freyja’s expression dimmed in an instant. “You lied to me?”

“It actually took you so long to realize that I lied to you? How can you be so dumb that you would
believe that something had happened to Leia?”

A hint of undisguised disgust beamed from the bottom of Shannon’s eyes. “Freyja Pruitt, you’re the
exact reason Leia severed her friendship with me and why our coursemates alienated me. If your so–
called husband didn’t show up that day, no one would have spoiled the fun that they were having.”

Only then did Freyja notice that the two men who came in with the couple were the two men who had
harassed her coursemates at the party.

Shannon’s boyfriend hugged her. “Sweetheart, so what do you plan to do to her?”

Shannon snuggled into his arms. “She deliberately disrupted the party and upset your friends that day.
So why not give her a chance to make up for it? Your friends can do whatever they want.”

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