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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2487

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Chapter 2487

Leah did not say anything, but millions of thoughts were flashing across her mind.

On the other side of things, Nollace drove to the Blue Valley Manor, and Daisie got out of the car.

Looking at the magnificent and classical–looking manor, Daisie was
a little shocked.” Could this be one of the things that Grandpa left for you?”

Nollace nodded. “This manor is where my grandmother used to live way back then. After she passed a
way, the property’s ownership went to my grandfather. He was very reluctant about
auctioning it, so it’s been vacant all these years.”

After explaining some of the backstories of the manor to Daisie, he stretched his hand out toward her. “
Let’s take a walk around the manor.”

Daisie grabbed his hand with a grin and walked with him into the huge garden.

This manor was located very near the imperial palace—One could see the clock tower in the palace—
and it was located in the most prosperous city center.

The garden had a few man–made pools and bridges, and there were even several pavilions.

The snow on the fountains, sculptures, stone paths, and rose bushes was glimmering under the warm
winter sun. The snow that covered evergreens and eaves started melting and dripping into the pool, stir
ring up ripples.

Daisie grinned. “It’s so quiet and peaceful here.”

Nollace smiled too. “It’s indeed very peaceful, very suitable for a spiritual stay.” After that, he stopped a
nd turned to look at Daisie. “When the baby is born, we’ll move here with the baby. Our kids can run ar
ound in the garden and play around the manor. It’ll surely be very


Daisie looked at him. “Aren’t you afraid of them getting lost in such a huge place?”

He sneered. “So it’s best for them not to inherit your clumsiness.”

“Who are
you referring to as a clumsy person?” Daisie crossed her arms and turned her face away. “I’m not as ba
d as you think I am when it comes to telling directions!”

Nollace’s smile intensified.

“Nollace, can you tell me more about your grandma?”

“Do you want to know about her?” She nodded.

Nollace brought her to one of the pavilions, sat down, and began to talk about his

grandmother, “I don’t have a very clear memory of my grandmother, but I heard from my mother that I o
nce lived here with her when I was very young.

“My mother told me that my grandmother was a gentle and virtuous woman. Even though my
grandfather had a mistress, my grandmother accepted the mistress’s existence


“She never had any prejudice against my aunt because she was the mistress‘ child. She only fell out wi
th my grandfather when I got kidnapped.”

Nollace had been brought back to the Knowles when he was three or four years old, and that was
how he had become Madam Knowles‘ target.

Daisie had also heard about Nollace’s kidnapping when he was a boy.
“Then the incident must have been terrifying to you, right?”

“It was indeed terrifying.” His eyes turned gloomy. “But instead of being overwhelmed by horror, unwilling

After saying that, he turned his head and stared at Daisie. “I pretended to be well–
behaved, pretended to be scared, and didn’t dare to resist them. That’s why they didn’t kill me directly b

“They thought that I, a child, wouldn’t be capable of escaping their captivity. That’s why they let their gua

Nollace stared at the calm pond. “I took advantage of their lack of vigilance and added

rodenticide to their food.”

Daisie was taken aback.

Nollace looked at her. “Am I a total scum? I already killed someone with poison at a young age. Does it

Daisie frowned, walked up to him, and shook her head. “I’m not
afraid of you. Besides, you were only protecting yourself.”

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