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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2492

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Chapter 2492

Freyja was betting that Shannon’s boyfriend and the two men weren’t dumb.

And as expected, the boyfriend glared at her. “Did you bring her to my villa so that you can pin it on us
if anything happens?”

Shannon did ask for his help to attack a woman, and he obliged.

However, when they brought her over, he thought this would just end with the woman staying silent
about the incident.

He didn’t know that the woman had a skillful husband. After what she said, he had to carefully consider

He couldn’t destroy his own future for a woman.

“No, honey, listen to me. She’s just scaring us. She can’t-”

“Not everyone is as dumb as you are. Do you think your boyfriend will bet on you? Can you do anything
that will benefit him?”

Freyja then winked at the boyfriend. “I, however, can. Instead of having a girlfriend who only knows
about spending your money and getting you in trouble, I don’t mind having a lover. I could invest 1.5
billion dollars into your company. Cash or gold bars, you decide.”

Shannon yelled at her, “1.5 billion dollars? Freyja Pruitt, stop bluffing. Do you think you have that kind
of money?”

Freyja replied with a calm expression, “Have you heard of the rumors?”

Shannon froze. ‘Rumors?‘

Freyja raised her brows. “King William is my grandfather. After his passing, I received an inheritance.
1.5 billion dollars isn’t even 1/3 of it.”

The two men were shocked. She was the granddaughter of King Williams!

Even Shannon’s boyfriend was shocked.

Shannon rushed over and grabbed Freyja by her clothes. “B*llshit. How could you be his
granddaughter? Aren’t you-”

Freyja still looked calm. “You already knew it. I guess you didn’t tell them who I am.”


Shannon’s boyfriend walked forward and pushed her away. “You knew that she’s the king’s

She shuddered as she shook her head. “I… I didn’t…”

She knew that Freyja’s mother, who was incarcerated, was the ‘illegitimate‘ daughter of the king.
Everyone in Yaramoor knew that.She just didn’t want to admit it.

Freyja smirked. “Do you want to look into it? If I’m lying, you can do anything you want to me. I won’t
fight back.”

Shannon’s boyfriend immediately got a call and walked aside to answer it. “Dad?”

The man said something, and his face dropped. After he hung up, he turned around and walked toward
Shannon. Before she could react, a hard slap hit her face.

The two men stood aside and watched without the intention of stopping him.

He was still angry, so he grabbed her hair. “You b*tch! Are you trying to get me in trouble?”

Shannon’s scalp hurt, so she screamed, “No, I wasn’t trying to! Don’t listen to her!”

Shannon tried to explain and wanted her boyfriend to believe her. If it wasn’t because of that call, he
probably would have.

He kicked Shannon to the foot of the bed.

Freyja felt the bed shake. That was how hard he kicked her.

She looked toward Shannon, who instinctively curled up into a ball to protect herself. It seemed like that
wasn’t the first time he hit her.

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