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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2493

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Chapter 2493

Come to think of it, Shannon always showed off to her friends how well her boyfriend treated her and
how nice her life was, but all of that was overcompensation for her broken ego.

Police sirens were heard from the window. The officers came over, and the two men immediately
released Freyja and destroyed the video camera.

The door was suddenly kicked open. It was Colton.

When he saw that Freyja was still dressed and had no signs of injury, he breathed a sigh of relief.

Shannon’s boyfriend smiled and walked forward. “It’s just a misunderstanding. We weren’t planning on
doing anything to your wife-”

Before he could finish, Colton’s fist connected with his face, and he flew backward.

Colton hugged Freyja and pointed at the men. “If this isn’t a misunderstanding, you’re going to have a
painful death.”

The officers rushed over, then Colton said something to the leader, who got his men to arrest everyone
for questioning.

When they got to the car, Colton started taking off her clothes. She pushed him away in shock. “What
are you doing?”

He calmly replied, “I’m checking if you’re hurt.”


“Are you sure?”

Freyja was helpless. “Why would I lie? They didn’t do anything to me.”

Colton looked at him but didn’t speak.

Freyja turned her face away. “If you don’t believe me, you can check when we go home…”

“I’m not in the mood for jokes, Freyja Pruitt.”

Colton was probably angry because he called Freyja by her full name. “Do you know how worried your
dad and I were? What could have happened to you if I didn’t go look for you at the college and checked
the surveillance tapes?”

All he knew was that he had done a lot of things in a short time and had been distressed. He just
wanted to get to her as soon as possible.

He couldn’t let anything delay him because he was worried that he would miss anything or even when
he reached, she would have…

“I’m sorry.” She pressed her lips together and looked down. “It won’t happen again.”

She wouldn’t let him be so worried anymore.

Colton pulled her into his arms. “It won’t happen again, never.”

The next day, the college openly expelled Shannon.

Leia and everyone else stood at the notice board and read the notice. She soon pushed through the

After Freyja got there, she bumped into Leia in the corridor and walked toward her.

Leia looked at her. “Did anything… happen to you yesterday?”

Freyja smiled and replied, “Nope. I heard that you helped a lot. Thank you.”

Leia lowered her head. “I didn’t know Shannon would do such a thing.”

After she was expelled, she wouldn’t be accepted into any institute in Yaramoor. She wouldn’t even be
able to get into a good company for work.

Freyja sighed. “If she thought about the consequences, she wouldn’t have done all that.”

Leia smiled sadly. “I guess that’s life, isn’t it?” She paused for a few seconds. “By the way, tomorrow’s
the coronation. Are you excited?”

Freyja chuckled and walked next to her. “Somewhat.”

On the day of the coronation…

Diana got up early to get ready. The entire process was very complicated and grand. A lot of members
of the media waited outside the palace before the sun came up to get the best spot for photos.

The entire lavish grand hall was filled with people running around.

In the guest room, Daisie tried on a few gowns but couldn’t tighten the waist, so she couldn’t wear most
of the court dresses. She ended up wearing a custom–made gown.

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