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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2495

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Chapter 2495

The other inmates looked at her as though she was crazy.

A few guards rushed over to hold her down. Sandy couldn’t accept her fate and fought back harder.
“Why should you get all the benefits? I lost my son but got nothing! Diana and the Knowles, I curse you
to a painful end!”

She was dragged away.

The inmates in the dining hall started talking to each other because Sandy was just a lunatic to them.

Meanwhile, at the film college…

Freyja’s father was now a knight, which meant he was an important figure in Yaramoor.

Leia and the other friends were really happy for Freyja. “A knighthood. You’re an aristocrat now.”

“No one will dare talk behind your back anymore.

“Freyja, don’t forget about us.”

Freyja smiled and closed her notebook. “Don’t worry, I won’t.”

Leia smiled and said, “I don’t think you will.”

Meanwhile, a man who walked past the lecture hall caused a commotion. A girl was shocked. “Isn’t that
Normal Lancell? What is he doing here?”

The Lancells were aristocrats too.

Norman was a student there, and his uncle was a multi–award–winning screenwriter in Dorywood.

Norman walked into the room,.and the girls gasped because it was something unusual. Before anyone
realized what had happened, he walked toward Freyja and placed a letter in her hand.

Freyja froze.

“Remember to read it.” Normal took two steps back, then winked at her and left.

The pink envelope looked familiar.

Everyone there was shocked. “Is that a love letter?”

“Freyja, you have a lot of luck in love.”

“Having a lot of luck while married isn’t a good sign.”

Freyja smiled awkwardly. “I should go speak to him to avoid any misunderstanding.”

Leia asked, “Do you need me to go with you?”

She wanted to say no but remembered what Colton had said the other day and didn’t want the same
thing to happen again, so she smiled and nodded. “Sure.”

After looking at the letter, she realized it wasn’t a confession but a place to meet.

They walked to the rooftop, and Normal was there alone. They were surprised that Norman was
walking on the ledge that was only about one and a half feet wide.

They were on the seventh floor, so he was not going to make it if he fell.

Leia covered her mouth. “Norman…”

What was he trying to do? Kill himself? No! Was he going to jump if Freyja rejected him?

Freyja took a deep breath and slowly walked over. “Norman, do you have any problems? Do you want
to talk about it?”

Norman stretched his arms apart for balance, then walked back and forth while looking at his feet.”
There’s something that I don’t understand.”

Freyja was curious. “What?”

Norman looked at her. “Why would the police think that Ms. Mills jumped?”

Freyja and Leia were confused. What was he talking about?

“Pruitt, don’t you think that sounds familiar?”

Norman seemed to be reminding her.

Freyja looked around the rooftop, then at Norman.

Norman crossed his arms and revealed a bright smile. “Did Ms. Mill really kill herself?”

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