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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2496

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Chapter 2496

“Ms. Mills…”

The name rang a bell, but it took Freyja a while before she finally remembered it. Rooftop, suicide…
Wasn’t this a scene in her script?

Norman continued to pace around. “Do you remember it now?”

Freyja let out a chuckle suddenly and said, “Ms. Mills didn’t kill herself in my script. In all of the mystery
cases and detective fiction, all victims will always be revealed to be killed by other people.”

“Have you figured out how to stage her death?”

Freyja was stunned and lowered her head. That was where her script was stuck. How was the
murderer going to make it look like Ms. Mills killed herself, and how was he going to escape without
leaving any evidence behind?

However, she did not expect Norman to be interested in this kind of script.

Leia, who was standing on the side, was confused. “What are you guys talking about? What do you
mean by a script?”

Norman looked at her.

Freyja went closer to her and whispered, “I’ll explain to you later.”

After that, she walked toward Norman and asked, “So, you stand on the rooftop to experience how the
victim feels before she dies?”

“No. I want to experience how the murderer feels.”

Dumbfounded, Freyja asked, “The murderer?”

Suddenly, Norman turned around and jumped down, causing both Freyja and Leia to scream out in
shock. Just as their faces turned pale, Norman climbed back up and asked, “What do you think?”

It was only now that Leia snapped herself out of her trance. She went forward and realized that there
was another level below the rooftop.

Suddenly, understanding dawned upon Freyja, and she said, “The murderer pretends to be the victim
and makes it look like the victim killed herself by jumping off a building?”

Norman clapped. “See? Isn’t that simple?

“She wants to kill herself, but instead of choosing her own home balcony, she has to walk outside of
her house, get into the elevator, and come all the way up to the rooftop under the camera. By the time
her corpse is discovered, the murderer can deceive everyone with the evidence.”

Freyja put her chin in her hand and fell into contemplation.

“Why didn’t I think of that?”

She had been having trouble on how to describe the way the murderer carried out his murder. A script
required more logic than a novel. She could simply come up with something else if she was writing a
novel. Even if it didn’t hold up, she could just say it was a supernatural event.

However, she couldn’t do that since she was writing a script. Not only that, but she was writing a script
for a crime thriller.

The three of them left the rooftop and came to a restaurant. Norman told them his uncle was not a

director when he was young. Instead, he was an errand boy for a local police station.

He had dealt with many cases, large and small, by following those police officers, but such a life did not
satisfy him.

Nord’s uncle was very interested in inference. Therefore, he had spent four years studying criminal
psychology and three more years enrolling in film school to present all the perfect crimes in a film.

Norman’s uncle would design a loophole in each case to prevent someone from using those tactics in
real life.

Freyja placed her hand on her forehead and asked, “This is why you came and looked for me? Just to
discuss my script with me? Nothing else?”

Norman replied, “Yeah.”

Leia chimed in. “That’s why you gave Freyja the letter. But that letter is just…”

After all, no man would give another girl a letter in a pink envelope if he was not confessing his love to
her. Norman was momentarily stunned as he looked at them. “Why isn’t the letter not suitable? I
thought you girls like everything in pink?”

Leia fell silent.

It seemed to her that Norman was another insensitive man.

However, none expected this misunderstanding to begin spreading in the college. Now everyone knew
that Norman had given Freyja a love letter.

The rumors even reached Colton’s ears.

After Freyja returned to her home, she shut herself in the study room to work on her script. She did not
take her dinner or notice it when Colton entered the study room.

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