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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2502

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Chapter 2502

“It just so happens that there was no surveillance on the rooftop, and the elevator surveillance only
shows the murderer pretending to be the deceased. Then the surveillance can no longer capture
anyone after that. So how did the murderer avoid the surveillance camera and escape? And whether
the deceased was pushed off the rooftop? I believe the audience would want to know the answer to
these questions.” The assistant scoffed again.

“Usually, when the plot goes this way, there can only be an accomplice. The murderer pretended to be
the deceased and went to the rooftop, and the deceased was thrown down the building from the
balcony by the accomplice. The accomplice was naturally the husband or boyfriend of the deceased.”

Freyja shook her head.

“In my version of the story, Ms. Mills lives alone.”

The assistant was astounded and looked at the corner not far away. Rory hinted at him with his gaze,
and the assistant continued.

“There’s only one murderer? Then the murderer threw the person off the balcony first, then changed
into the same clothes as the deceased and went to the rooftop to complete the plot?” Freyja chuckled.

“If we’re just talking about an online novel, it’d indeed make sense. But Mr. Lancell is someone who
attaches so much importance to the motive, MO, and reasoning of the case, I’m afraid such a plot
would only be treated as child’s play by him, wouldn’t it?”

The assistant crossed his arms and wondered. “Then did the deceased fall from the rooftop?”

Freyja nodded.

“It shouldn’t be. The surveillance camera only captured the murderer pretending to be the deceased,
but not the deceased herself. So, how did the deceased get to the rooftop?”

Rory, who was standing not far away, stroked his chin and started thinking about the plot as if it was
starting to intrigue him. He then walked out.

“The deceased has been taken to the rooftop through some means by the murderer, so the only way to
avoid surveillance is to place the deceased in a box.”

Rory shook his head all of a sudden. “No, it’s not written in your script that someone had moved a box
that could fit a person to the rooftop before that. Could it be that the murderer had arranged the scene

Knowing that this man was Rory Lancell, Freyja chuckled. “That would depend on how he arranged

The assistant looked in Rory’s direction. “So, how did the murderer achieve that?”

Rory glared at him, walked up to the couch, sat down, and raised his hand, “Go on, if I’m satisfied with
how things turn out, I’ll agree to your request.”

Freyja squinted, grinned, took a deep breath, and explained slowly, “As your assistant mentioned just
now, if there was an accomplice and a murderer, their actions must be synchronized.

“In other words, the murderer must already be on the rooftop before the accomplice could throw the
deceased down the building. Otherwise, the estimated time of death will be earlier than the time
captured by the surveillance camera, and this is the loophole.

“Their only mean of contact would be through their cell phones, but even if the murderer had hidden
their cell phone in their pocket, the accomplice would still be captured by the camera when they left the

house of the deceased. Therefore, the plot where the murderer had an accomplice wouldn’t make

Rory nodded, and his eyes were gleaming with rays of keen astuteness. “Ms. Mills lives alone, so it
really doesn’t make sense for there to be two criminals.”

Probably because Freyja’s storytelling sounded magnificent, many staff members gathered around to
listen as she continued. “It’s not impossible for the murderer to transport the deceased to the rooftop in
advance, but there’s a security camera facing the door of the deceased’s apartment. Anyone who
entered the deceased’s apartment to move anything will surely be exposed to surveillance.”

The assistant was anxious. “Then how did the murderer do this?”

Rory narrowed his eyes. “The existence of some sort of machinery or device?”

Freyja nodded. “That’s right. It’s something similar to that. Ms. Mills’s apartment is located on the 37th
floor, and the rooftop is on the 39th floor. And the murder happened at 23:00, and the tower situated
across the street was a commercial building rather than a residential building, so after making sure that
all personnel in the building had gotten off work, the murderer could hang the deceased outside the
building without being discovered.”

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