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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2501

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Chapter 2501

Freyja returned to her senses and got up slowly. “Then I’ll come back tomorrow.”

The receptionist looked at her back and shook her head.

‘This lady has been rejected twice, but she still insists on coming here again. However, no matter what
she’s willing to do, Mr. Lancell still won’t see her.‘

Freyja stood at the door, looked at the vehicles and pedestrians that were passing by the building,
regulated her emotions, then grabbed a cab and left.

Leia was sitting on one of the college’s basketball court benches, and when she saw Freyja returning
from her field trip, she got up instantly and hurried forward. “How was it?”

Freyja shook her head.

‘I knew it. She still failed in the end.‘

“Isn’t the professor trying to make your life difficult? According to Mr. Lancell’s status in Dorywood and
his arrogant temperament, I guess meeting him is a next–to–impossible task. It’s even harder than
setting a meeting with a Dorywood superstar.”

‘Not to mention postgraduate students like us, even Dorywood’s S–tier superstars might not even have
the opportunity to work with him.‘

Freyja took a deep breath and smiled. “It’s okay. If he doesn’t want to meet me, I’ll go to his office every
day until he’s willing to see me.”

For several days in a row, Freyja went to the lobby of the film company every day and waited there for

The staff at the front desk were already familiar with her, and they all knew her as the person who had
been rejected by Mr. Lancell several times, but she still showed up at the lobby on a daily basis.

Even the stars who had come to see Mr. Lancell could not do that.

At this time, Rory walked out of the elevator with his assistant. The assistant was stunned when he saw
Freyja. “She’s been rejected so many times, so why is she still here?”

Rory also glanced at Freyja and was slightly startled.

‘That young lady is rather persistent.‘

He whispered something in his assistant’s ear, and the assistant nodded and walked toward Freyja.
“Ms. Pruitt.”

Seeing the assistant, Freyja stood up, and the assistant said to her, “Mr. Lancell said that he won’t sit
down for an interview with any college students, so you might as well give up.”

Just as the assistant was about to leave, Freyja said suddenly, “The interview isn’t as important as it
seems. I want to meet Mr. Lancell himself too. I know that Mr. Lancell is an excellent screenwriter and
director, and my goal is to become a screenwriter just like him.”

The assistant turned around and let off an abrupt chuckle. “Every college student who comes here
saying that they wish to interview Mr. Lancell will say that, not to mention Mr. Lancell has already read
your script.”

She was startled. “Has he read my script?”

“The reason Mr. Lancell doesn’t plan to meet you is that the MO in your script is Mr. Lancell Norman’s
idea, isn’t it? No matter how wonderful your plot is, if the MO doesn’t make sense when placed directly
to the detective’s reasoning, the connection will go missing and make the whole script seem lacking,
and that means that the script has lost its soul.

“All reasoning must be done based on the case’s facts, clues, and MO. All of them must be able to link
together. It’s like a puzzle. As long as you insert a wrong piece in the wrong place, every single step
that follows will only lead you further away from its completion.”

The assistant advised earnestly, “Young lady, if you really wish to come up with a good script for a
crime thriller, you still have a long way to go.”

He turned and left.

Freyja stared at his back and said loudly, “Norman is indeed the person who provided me with the MO
that takes place on the rooftop, but he only reminded me that the murderer can do so and didn’t tell me
how the murderer would avoid all the surveillance camera when he leaves the rooftop.”

The assistant stopped and looked at her in surprise while Rory stood behind the corner and listened.
Freyja continued. “The murderer pretended to be the deceased and carried out a perfect crime through
the surveillance camera. He allowed everyone to confirm that the deceased had indeed gone to the
rooftop and jumped off the building, and the police would deem the case as a suicide based on the
depression drugs found on the deceased.”

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