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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2500

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Chapter 2500

Yorrick fell silent for a moment after he heard what Colton said. After a while, he asked, “You think it’s

Colton chuckled and said, “Mrs. Pruitt was mentally triggered in prison during the coronation ceremony.
I just can’t help myself to suspect that she’s just pretending.”

Would Sandy let the Knowles have the power she had been trying to obtain?

She had lost her mind and would stop at nothing to get what she wanted. If she was released from
prison, would she go through the treatment, or would she try to get her revenge? Nobody could tell

Yorrick sighed. “Coleman, according to the constitution of Yaramoor, if someone serving a prison
sentence has been diagnosed with mental illness, they will be absolved from serving the sentence so
they can receive treatment.”

“I know,” Colton replied sternly. “As such, I can’t let her get what she wants no matter what.”

Meanwhile, inside the Knowles‘ study room…

Edison was reporting to Nollace after learning that Sandy was going to be released from prison.

Nollace’s eyelashes trembled when he heard the news. He closed the book and asked, “Is it confirmed
that she has a mental illness?”

“It isn’t confirmed yet, but from the news I got from prison, they told me that Mrs. Pruitt has been rather
agitated ever since the coronation ceremony. She has been acting aggressively as well. Not only did
she injure a prison guard, but she also tried to kill herself and has depression.”

Nollace chuckled. “It seems like she couldn’t accept the fact that my mother has become the queen.”

Edison asked, “If they really release Mrs. Pruitt out of prison, I’m worried that she might escape.”

“She’ll certainly escape,” replied Nollace, tapping his finger on the table in a rhythmic pattern. “I can
assure you that.

“Keep an eye on the people from the forensic department. Make sure nobody is being paid off.”


As soon as Edison left, Daisie entered the study room with a cup of coffee. When she saw that Edison
had rushed away, she entered and asked, “What happened?”

Nollace rose to his feet and took over the cup of coffee. “Why don’t you ask the maid to prepare the

Daisie smacked her lips and said, “I’m bored. There’s nothing for me to do at all other than sleep and
eat. Look how fat I’ve become.”

He sized her up and chuckled, “You are right.”

“What did you say?”

He took a sip from the coffee and replied, “Freyja’s mother is going to be released from prison soon.”

“What?” Daisie was shocked.

“Yeah. They said that she has a mental problem.” He put the cup down and said meaningfully, “Once
it’s diagnosed that she has a mental illness, she won’t have to serve prison anymore.”

“Doesn’t that mean that Freyja is in danger?”

Daisie pressed her hands on the table and said sternly, “Mrs. Pruitt is crazy. Who knows if she’ll take
advantage of her mental illness and do something? By the way, don’t you think it’s time to revise
Yaramoor’s laws?”

“The law has been there for dozens of years. It can’t be changed that easily.” He raised his eyes to look
at Daisie. “Yaramoor is a democratic country. We need to get approval from the public before changing
any law. My mother has only succeeded the throne. If she changes the criminal code just like that, it
might incite rage from the people of Yaramoor.”

He was right. A country like Yaramoor was a democratic country. The public had their right, so they
needed to get the approval of the people to change the constitution.

If more people disagreed than agreed, the law wouldn’t be enforced.

At the film company…

Freyja was waiting on the couch in the lobby absentmindedly. Meanwhile, the receptionist came over
and said, “Ms. Pruitt, I’m sorry. Mr. Lancell still doesn’t have time to meet you.”

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