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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2503

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Chapter 2503

The assistant was shocked. “The deceased was hung outside the building?”

“Actually, this is the inspiration that Norman gave me. There’s a few feet’s worth of extra ground
protruding on the outside of the edge of the rooftop. Even if the rooftop had surveillance cameras too,
the murderer would still be able to jump down and land on that tiny space. However, that plan will need
at least two people to succeed.”

“The accomplice was on the balcony of the deceased’s apartment to assist the murderer who slid down
the rope, and the accomplice must be someone who was very close to the deceased. He could use the
excuse of going through the surveillance footage that recorded his beloved’s suicidal behavior and
pretend to destroy the footage in anger, while the murderer could take advantage of that to escape.

Rory laughed happily.

“Yes, this is indeed more in line with a plot that has two criminals.” Freyja snapped her fingers.

“But if there is only one murderer, the plot will be completely different. The murderer used the
protruding ground design on the roof to tie a rope that led down to the deceased apartment, then tied
the unconscious victim onto the rope and hung her outside the building. Then he pretended to be the
deceased and was captured by surveillance cameras when leaving the apartment. The murderer will
then go to the roof, pull the rope up, untie the rope, and let the victim drop down the building.” Rory

“But the forensics will discover the marks on her waist and the folds on her clothes. This won’t be a
perfect crime.”

The assistant also nodded. “That’s right. Besides, a woman’s strength wouldn’t be that great, but if the
murderer was a man, how could a hulking man pretend to be the victim, who’s a woman? It just doesn’t
make sense.”

Freyja crossed her arms. “The murderer is a man. He’s only about 5 foot 2 and is extremely slender.
So, pretending to be a woman would be a piece of cake to him, wouldn’t it?”

The assistant choked on his own words.

‘That seems to make sense.‘

Freyja then explained, “As for the ropes, there’s a profession in the world that people who are afraid of
heights can’t pursue.

Rory was taken aback for a moment. “Someone who works at extreme heights?”

“Although our murderer could be someone who works at extreme heights, some people might still think
that not everyone else is afraid of heights. So why would we focus on people with such a career?”

Freyja gazed at the assistant. “Because only people who work at heights can use their own safety
ropes, equipment, and harness to ensure that the deceased’s body won’t get strangled, leaving marks
behind. Even if the forensics were to identify traces and marks around the waist, would a rope come to

“And the murderer must be working for that apartment. That’s how he got familiar with anything that
can be used, not to mention that the surveillance footage will be erased and replaced every month. So,
the murderer hid his safety rope one month in advance in a place that others wouldn’t pay attention to.
When the time came, he pretended to be an apartment resident and took the elevator to the 37th floor.

He then used his familiarity with the interior to avoid surveillance and took a safe passage to the
rooftop. “

At night, after confirming that the deceased was asleep, he slid down to the balcony of the deceased’s
apartment and snuck in. The murderer must know the deceased and have a grasp of the deceased’s
life. He also knew that the deceased was a patient who suffered from depression and relied on
sleeping pills to sleep at night.

“The deceased was in a deep sleep. The murderer lit incense to drug the victim to ensure that she
wouldn’t wake up during the transportation. The murderer only needed to wait on the balcony while the
incense burned, and then covered his mouth and nose while entering the house, got rid of the incense,
and flushed it down the toilet.

After that, he dragged the victim out to the balcony, tied her to the safety rope device, changed into the
victim’s pajamas, put on a wig, walked out of the deceased’s house with his head lowered the whole
time, and let the cameras catch him doing so.

“When he got to the rooftop, he pulled the safety rope to lift the victim. Although he was a slender man,
his arm strength was surely stronger than that of a woman, so it was not difficult for him to pull a
woman of the same size up to the rooftop. That was how he faked his innocence, provided the law
enforcer with an alibi, and committed a perfect crime.”

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