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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2506

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Chapter 2506

Sandy reacted. She turned to look at Brandon with ridicule in her eyes. “Have you forgotten that that
woman gave you your current status because of me?”

Brandon paused.

Sandy smirked. “No matter how terrible I am, I have royal blood in my veins. But what are you? If I
didn’t marry you, you and that useless girl wouldn’t be where you are now, enjoying all the status and
honor. Hahaha.”

She laughed maniacally, which made the guard look over.

Brandon looked down with sadness in his eyes. “Do you hate our daughter so much?”

“Did I want to have her?”

Sandy’s eyes were red with rage. “You begged me to have her. She’s a useless child who was lucky
enough to survive to this day.”

Brandon’s expression froze.

“My son is dead because of the Knowles, but my husband and daughter are enjoying the prestige given
by that family?” Sandy laughed even more hysterically. “You’re just their dogs. You’ve failed our son!”

Brandon took a deep breath and looked at her for a long time.

After the long pause, he calmly said, “You can hate me, but Fey never owed you anything. You don’t
have the right to get her to do anything for you. As for Ken, I’ve lost my son. I don’t want to lose my
daughter too.”

Brandon walked away from the clinic.

Sandy balled up her fists.

Colton drove Freyja to the clinic and saw Brandon walking out, so she ran toward him. “Dad.”

Brandon was surprised as he looked up. “Fey?”

Seeing that her father was fine, she was relieved. “Please tell me when you’re going to do anything. Do
you know how worried I was?”

“I’m sorry. Your mother… needed medical attention, and the prison authorities said a family member
had to be there. I knew you wouldn’t want to see her, so I came.”

Freyja looked at Colton standing next to the car and said to Brandon, “Let’s go home.”

Brandon smiled and nodded. “Sure.”

At the palace…

Diana sat in the study. She had been busy running the country and hadn’t had time to spend time with
her dear daughter–in–law.

Rick walked over, stood behind her after hearing her sigh, and gave her a shoulder rub. “What’s
wrong? Tired?”

“I finally know how much stress my father was under. How could someone not be tired with the stress
of the nation on their shoulders?” She looked back at Rick. “But I’m glad you and our son are here
supporting me.”

Rick smiled. “Don’t worry, you’re the queen. We’ll always be here for you.”

There was a knock on the door.

After getting approval, the guard came in and slightly bowed. “Your Majesties.”

Diana asked, “Yes?”

The guard replied, “The warden sent some updates about Mrs. Sandy Pruitt.”

Diana squinted.

A few cars arrived at the prison that afternoon. The warden came to meet her. The guard opened the
car door, and Diana got out.

He walked forward and kissed the back of her hand. “Welcome, Your Majesty.”

Diana nodded. “Bring me to her.”

The warden led the way while a few guards followed closely behind.

When they got to Sandy’s cell, the warden unlocked the grill, but there was another grill behind that,
and what happened inside could be seen through that.

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