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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2504

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Chapter 2504

“As for how the murderer escaped the building while evading all the surveillance cameras, there’s only
one way down, and that’s the fire staircase, the only passage down the building that’s not being
monitored. He could hide there until the next morning when someone discovered the body, then
pretended to be the owner of one of the units and walked down to a certain floor through the fire

The assistant was puzzled.

“Why would he hide until the next morning?”

Rory got up slowly.

“Because all residents would leave for work or school in the morning. It would be suspicious if he were
to leave the building at night. So it’s better to take the elevator and leave the building while staying
hidden among the residents who were going out the next day.”

Everything made sense all of a sudden.

Seeing their surprised expressions, Freyja smiled.

“Of course, any perfect criminal’s MO will still have flaws in reality. They’ll never escape the law. I
wonder if my plot is reasonable to you, Mr. Lancell?”

Rory looked at her with a hint of appreciation beaming from the bottom of his eyes.

“My nephew only gave you such a small idea, yet I really didn’t expect you to come up with such a
complete and comprehensive criminal scheme.”

You’re flattering me already. I’m still a rookie when compared to you.”

“You’re being too modest. Alright, I’ll agree to your terms.”

After that, he asked his assistant to prepare for the interview.

It was already 2:00 p.m. when Freyja returned to the college. She submitted all the questions and
answers that she managed to jot down during the interview to her professor.

The professor stared at her in surprise. “How did you manage to get Mr. Lancell to agree to the

She smiled and explained, “Don’t worry, I didn’t ask Norman to help me out. Instead, I came up with a
perfect MO for my script with Mr. Lancell. That’s why he agreed to sit with me for an interview session.”

A hint of satisfaction flashed across the professor’s eyes. “It’s no wonder none of the few students that I
sent to interview him before this could impress him.”

Freyja was slightly confused. “Have you asked students to interview him before?”

She understood the reason Mr. Lancell would refuse to see her before this. No wonder the
receptionists did not seem very surprised or confused when she told them she was a film college

The professor took off his glasses and wiped them with a handkerchief.

“Rory was once my student too. He’s a very smart man, and he was very persistent in the reasoning
and motive of each of the cases found in his script. What he always pursues is ultimate perfection, but
he’s also an arrogant man and only talks to people who share similar interests with him.

“The students that I sent to interview him, he didn’t even let them through for his professor’s sake and
rejected all of them. Of course, money, gifts, and all sorts of benefits have been sent his way, but none
of them managed to impress him.”

Freyja was dumbfounded.

‘Is it because I came up with the perfect MO on the spot and incorporated it into my script? Did that
make Mr. Lancell change his mind?‘

The professor stared at her at this time and joked, “It’s a pity that you’re not studying psychology.”

She gave off an awkward chuckle. “I’m just making things up here. I’d only cause the police a huge
mess if you were to push me out there to solve a real–life murder case. I can at least control the
murderers who appear in my writing.”

The professor laughed out loud too.

Freyja left the office, went downstairs to the academic building, and just so happened to run into
Norman and Leia talking and laughing under a tree as if they were talking about something funny.

She walked over. “What are you talking about?”

Leia turned her head, saw her, and was a little surprised. “Didn’t you go to-”

Thinking of not letting Norman know about Freyja’s interview with his uncle, she quickly shut up.

Freyja sneered. “The interview’s over, and I’ve just submitted my materials.”

Leia was happy for her. “Really?”

She nodded.

Norman crossed his arms and looked perplexed. “What interview are you two talking about?” Freyja
replied, “I interviewed your uncle, but I have you to thank for.”

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