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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2505

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Chapter 2505

Norman was even more confused. “Me?”

Freyja laughed. “If it weren’t for the special rooftop design that you came up with, I wouldn’t have been
able to think of a better MO than yours.”

Leia’s curiosity was piqued, and she jerked Freyja’s hand. “What kind of operation are we talking about

Just as Freyja was about to answer her, she was interrupted by her cell phone’s ringtone. She picked it
up and saw that it was Colton.

On the other side of town, in the judicial appraisal center…

Nollace sat in the car’s back seat and glanced at the center’s gate. Immediately afterward, Edison
came to the car and knocked on the window.

He lowered the car window slowly, and Edison leaned slightly forward and reported, “The result of the
appraisal has come out. She doesn’t have a mental disorder, but she’s been diagnosed with severe

Nollace narrowed his eyes. “Is there anything that looks abnormal and fishy?”

“No, no one from the judicial appraisal center has interfered with the affair, but… Apart from us, it
seems that Mr. Hathaway’s men are also keeping an eye on every movement that’s taking place in the

Nollace nodded. “It seems that Colton has taken some precautions too.”

‘If my aunt was really exempted from serving her sentence, what she would do first is undoubtedly
avenge her son. Because of Ken’s death, she hates the Knowles and me to the bone.

‘And Colton is keeping an eye on this matter to prevent my aunt from hurting Freyja.‘

At this moment, Freyja arrived at the villa after receiving Colton’s call. Colton was standing in front of
the window and just hung up a call.

Freyja stepped forward. “My mother has been diagnosed with severe depression?”

Colton’s eyes moved. “Yeah. I got the news saying that the prison’s management has sent someone to
contact Dad. But when I rushed back here, Dad had already gone out.”

As soon as she heard that, her face turned pale, her body swayed backward, and she almost fell to the
ground. “What?”

Colton quickly supported her. “I’ve already sent someone to follow Dad. There’s no need to worry about

Freyja pursed her lips tightly.

‘My mother has been diagnosed with mental illness and is severely depressed, so it’s normal for the
prison to contact and summon her family members to the prison to visit and accompany her.

‘But Dad is soft–hearted. Everything should be fine if my mother only wants to use him. What I dread
the most is that she won’t even spare my dad’s life…‘

Colton hugged her in his arms. “I know what you’re worried about. Mrs. Pruitt won’t hurt your father, at
least not until she achieves her goal. On the contrary, she needs your father now.”

“I know, but I…” Her voice sounded dry and hoarse. She then closed her mouth and remained silent.

Colton felt her trembling in his arms and tightened his embrace.

Sandy was granted medical parole, but she had to go to the designated hospital under the
accompaniment of her family members. Prison guards were standing by in the corridor of the hospital.
In the psychology clinic, apart from the psychiatrist, Sandy and Brandon were the only ones present.

The psychiatrist asked some questions, but Sandy refused to answer.

The psychiatrist frowned and gazed at Brandon. “Has she always been like this?”

Brandon was stunned for a split second but then replied in an awkward manner, “This… It seems to be

“Since when did it start?”

Brandon did not answer.

The psychiatrist saw how embarrassed he was, thought of the prison guards standing outside the door
at that very moment, and came to the conclusion that this woman should be a prisoner.

He flipped through the documents in his hands. “If the appraisal confirms that it’s indeed a mental
illness and the patient still refuses to cooperate during the treatment process, it’ll be difficult for us to
find a way to suppress it.”

After saying that, the psychiatrist picked up his pen and wrote something on the paper. “I’ll prescribe
some medication for her first. She can take it if she has insomnia or dreamy nights.”

Brandon nodded. “Okay.”

The psychiatrist got up and went out to get the medicine, so Sandy and Brandon were the only ones
left in the consultation room.

Brandon looked at Sandy, who was still refusing to speak, and her indifferent and dull gaze. He then
sighed. “Why are you doing this? As long as you can let go of some of your preoccupations and think
this through, you will never be haunted by your own emotions anymore.”

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