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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2508

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Chapter 2508

“Even if she’s a royal, she should still be punished for breaking the law. If she has a mental illness, then
send someone to check on her, so she doesn’t try committing suicide. It will ruin your reputation if it
gets out.”

The warden lowered his head. “Yes, Your Majesty, you’re right.”

Diana got into the car, and they drove off.

After a week…

Nollace hired some people to clean up Blue Valley Manor. The estate was built in the 19th century and
was considered a vintage manor. It was decorated with vintage decor and architecture.

Peter and Nollace walked down the stairs. “Sir, we’ve sent out the employment notice, including the
requirements for a house steward. There have been ten applicants so far. Do you want to take a look?”

Nollace sat down on the couch. “Alright.”

Peter showed him the tablet with the resumes of the candidates.

Nollace looked through them and raised his brows. “They’re all young?”

Peter sighed. “You said that you needed a well–educated professional who was also a high–quality
steward. There are a few who worked as five–star hotel managers. They’re experienced and have the

Nollace looked through the information. “This one looks too timid. This one looks dishonest. They won’t

Seeing how he disqualified a few of them, Peter smiled but didn’t say anything. Nollace was probably
worried that a young, good–looking man might be a threat to his marriage.

“This one…” He opened his eyes wide as he looked at a fierce–looking man. There weren’t any bad
records in his resume. “This one might work. Let’s take this one.”

He continued looking. Out of the ten, there was a woman in her 30s. She used to work as a house
steward in a socialite’s home and had a lot of experience. “This one too.”

Peter paused. “Only two?”

Nollace handed the tablet to him. “There are so many helpers here, so one wouldn’t be enough. Get a
man and a woman so they’ll have different ways of management.”

Peter took the tablet over. “Alright, I’ll inform them about it.”

The next day…

Daisie and Nollace went to Blue Valley Manor, and Nollace was very mysterious about it when they
entered. He even covered her eyes with a scarf.

“Nolly, what are you doing?” She held onto Nollace’s arm and walked carefully.

Was he planning a surprise?

“Take off the scarf.”

Daisie untied it and looked at the lavishly decorated living room. She thought she was transported back
in time.

Nollace leaned close. “Is the lady happy with this?”

Daisie turned to look at him and smiled. “How could I not be happy? I thought this was an old castle.”

He hugged her from behind and rested his chin on the top of her head. “Yes, you can see it as your
caste, and you’re the queen.”

She chortled and turned to face him. “Can I have a pet?”

He squinted. “You’re still pregnant. It’s not the best time.”

Seeing her pout, he tapped the tip of her nose. “Once the baby is out, you can have as many as you
want. This place is big enough for you to make it into a zoo.”

She squinted. “Really?”

He paused. “Are you really going to do that?”

Daisie counted the tree branches. “I want two Persian cats, a labrador, an Alaskan malamute, a parrot,

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