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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2507

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Chapter 2507

The person sitting inside turned to look at Diana. She was in elegant clothes, which didn’t match the
simple–looking cell. Sandy was in a prison uniform. She looked a lot less sharp and proud compared to
when she was outside. She just looked like a sad woman.

“Dear sister, I’m so glad you remember me.” Diana smiled as if she was here for a reunion.

Sandy looked at her from the corner of her eyes. “Congratulations. You’re finally the queen now that
our father is dead.” She was being sarcastic.

Diana ignored the sarcasm. “Thanks.”

The warden got the prison guard to bring a chair over so she could take a seat. After Diana sat down,
she smiled and said to the warden, “Let me speak to her in private.”

The warden hesitated. “But-”

“Isn’t she still locked up? You can watch us from the sides.”

The warden nodded and asked the guards to wait at the side. After they walked away, Diana leaned
back on his chair. “You must be very unhappy. You’re locked up in prison, and your husband and
daughter are still happy without you. You must not be feeling great.”

Sandy laughed and said, “Begging like a dog for a bone from you Knowles? Hah, those useless pieces
of trash could only rely on others to survive.”

“Your husband and daughter are useless pieces of trash in your eyes?”

Sandy got up and walked to the barred windows where the rays of light shone through. “We’re both
daughters of the king. You married into the Knowles, but I married a normal businessman. He couldn’t
give me any benefits or help me get what I wanted. What is he if not a piece of trash?”

“My sister is the legitimate child of the royal family, but my mother was a concubine. That’s the only
difference between us.”

Sandy turned to face Diana with cold eyes. “I’m just as good as you when it comes to capability and
looks. If your son didn’t kill mine, I wouldn’t be where I am now.”

Diana smiled. “You’re wrong. What would you change if you got another chance?”

Sandy rushed forward and grabbed onto the bars that separated them. “I will do whatever it takes to
get rid of your family!”

Diana raised her brows. “Do you think we’re a hindrance to you?”

She laughed. “You’re a hindrance just by existing!”

Diana got up and walked over. “Greed is your biggest enemy. Not knowing when to feel content is also
your enemy. No matter how many times you get to redo this, you will end up the same way.”

Sandy seemed to be triggered and grabbed Diana by her collar.

The guard rushed over to stop her, but she wouldn’t let go while she bared her teeth like a ferocious
animal. “You won’t have a good life as long as I’m still alive!”

The warden tased her in the stomach, which made her seize and fall to the ground.

Diana looked at her coldly, then left without a word.

The warden ran after her and was remorseful. “I’m so sorry, Your Majesty.”

Diana looked at him. “Don’t worry about it. I’m not bothered by an inmate, but she seems very
comfortable there?”

The warden looked awkward. “She has special clearance because she was diagnosed with mental
illness, and her relationship with the royal…”

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