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Chapter 2510

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Mrs. Lancell knew that her son loved crime–solving just like his uncle, but he had to take over the
family business in the future, so he couldn’t go down the same path as his uncle.

“Even though this is your interest, your father’s friends are here. You have to respect your father and
learn from them. You’ll need to take over the company after you finish school.”

He waved at her. “Alright.”

Mrs. Lancell sighed, then walked to her husband.

Steve Lancell saw that she was worried, so he put down his glass of wine. “What’s wrong?”

“Norman is getting influenced by your brother. I’m worried that he will become a director like him.”

Steve smiled. “There’s nothing wrong about being a director. Look at Rory. He’s doing well both in the
business world and Dorywood.”

“There were the two of you. You took over the business so your younger brother could do whatever he
wanted. Norman is our only son. It’s not the same.”

Steve hugged her waist. “Alright, we have a party. Let’s talk to Norman another day.”

Meanwhile, in front of the house…

Freyja got out of the car, followed by Leia. They wore gowns to the party. “Did you tell your husband
you’re attending a party here/”

“Don’t worry, I did.”

She had told Colton. Even though he wasn’t very happy about it at first, she ‘convinced‘ him, so he
agreed. Steve was out for a smoke, and right after he lit up, he bumped into the two girls and froze in

Freyja didn’t expect to bump into him, so she greeted him. “Mr. Lancell.”

Steve was curious. “You’re Norman’s friends?”

She smiled and nodded. “Yes, sir.”

He squinted. “You’re friends. I’m surprised that you didn’t mention that.”

“Professor Merlin said that I can’t use my relationship with Norman to finish the assignment. However,
even if I did get his help, you still wouldn’t meet me, right?”

Steve took a drag. “I see you understand that.”

He remembered something and said, “Even though the modus operandi you mentioned was
interesting, if we have to move that to the big screen, if the victim and the killer aren’t related, won’t
there be less suspicion?”

He thought Freyja wouldn’t be able to answer that, but she already had an answer. “The MO that I
mentioned can be changed to fit the storyline.”


“The MO was just as I mentioned. The killer would leave the next day and have no interaction with the
victim, and that wouldn’t be realistic. The storyline should make them interact and tie everything
together, so we need to change that slightly. What if every person who interacted with the victim was a
suspect and had a motive?”

Steve looked shocked. “You’re saying multiple suspects?”

“I rewrote parts of the script after our meeting that day. If we change the MO that was set up to look like
a suicide and change it to multiple suspects, it would be even more exciting than a single suspect.

“For example, it’s the victim’s birthday, and the killer invites a few possible suspects to celebrate.
Everyone who’s invited would have a reason to kill the victim. That would make the story even more
intriguing and mind–boggling. Everyone could be lying. Who was telling the truth? Who did what to the
victim? Who hid the real weapon? Wouldn’t that be a lot more interesting than a single suspect?”

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