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Charming Mommy Of Adorable Triplets Chapter 2509

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Chapter 2509

Nollace covered her mouth. “That’s enough.”

If she continued, they would really have a zoo.

He sighed. “We’ll have a baby then, but what about me? Are you going to neglect me?”

Daisie put her arms around his neck and smiled. “How could I neglect you?”

He tapped her nose and picked her up. “Who knows what’s on the little rascals‘ minds?”

Daisie chuckled. “The little rascals are in my womb. They keep kicking me.”

“I’ll spank their butts when they’re out then.”

“If they’re girls, you’re going to stop coddling me?”

Nollace carried her into the room and put her down on the bed. “If they’re both boys, we’ll all spoil you,
but I’ll spoil the three of you if they’re both girls.”

She smiled happily.

Meanwhile, at the film college…

Freyja handed the finished script to Leia and Norman. They both went through it, and Norman gave her
a thumbs up.

“That’s something. You managed to write such a complicated plot.”

Leia looked at her. “It’s going to be a hit if it’s made into a movie.”

She sighed. “That can only happen if I get an experienced director and investors.”

“That’s easy. My uncle knows quite a lot of film directors who are experienced with crime–solving
movies in Dorywood. I can introduce them to you.”

Norman was happy to help.

Freyja paused in hesitation.

Leia knew what she was worried about. “There’s no urgency to it. Directors and investors are always
interested in a good script. However, I have a question.”

“What is it?”

“Why is this called ‘Suicidal Christmas‘? I don’t feel like I’ll enjoy Christmas anymore.”

Freyja smiled. “I think it’s nice. A lot of victims in crime thrillers were killed, so ‘suicide‘ is the biggest
mystery. If you were a viewer, you’d want to know who’s the killer, but what if it’s a suicide?”

Norman crossed his arms. “If it was a suicide, the audience would be more captivated. My uncle says
that most crime thrillers have a similar storyline. It all boils down to the solving part.”

Leia understood. “Oh, I get it now.”

Norman suddenly got a call, so he got up to take it.

Freyja looked at Leia. “Have you been spending a lot of time with Norman recently?”

Leia immediately explained, “Not really. I just see him as a friend.”

Freyja smiled. “He’s just a normal man with a good personality. I’m guessing he’s single?”

Leia picked up her tea and took a sip. “It’s none of my business if he’s single or not.”

Norman came back. “We’re having a dinner party at home tomorrow. I guess my uncle and his director
friends will be there too. Do you wanna come?”

The next evening, at 7:00 pm,…

The party started at the Lancell house. The attendees were all from the upper class. Norman’s family
ran a business, so there were business moguls there. His uncle was a highly–respected director in the
entertainment world, so he had friends in the business and entertainment world.

The front yard was filled with expensive cars, and the attendees came in elegant clothes, looking
dapper. Norman greeted the guests and checked his watch from time to time. ‘They should be here
soon.‘ “Norman.” Mrs. Lancell walked over and saw that he kept looking down. “Are you expecting

“Two of my friends,” Norman told his mother about them. “I’ve mentioned them to you before. The one
who writes crime–thriller novels. She’s coming with a friend.”

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