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Chapter 2512

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Meanwhile, Norman brought them some snacks and juice.

Leia took a glass of juice and approached Freyja. “Did you see Norman’s mother’s eyes when she
looked at you?”

Leia could see that Isabelle did not like Freyja from her eyes. However, she did not tell Freyja about it
since she did not want Freyja to think too much.

Freyja let out a smile. She had realized it as well. “Maybe it’s because she knows my mother. My
mother used to mingle with them in the past.”

That being said, she knew that her mother did not have a good relationship with any of them, and this
could be proven by the fact that none of them had visited or mentioned her mother ever since she was
sent to prison.

If Isabelle could recognize her, she could understand why she did not like her.

Leia tried to comfort her and said, “No matter what your mother did, it has nothing to do with you. So
don’t think too much.”

“Thank you.”

“Don’t mention it. After all, we’re friends.”

While both of them were talking, Norman came over and asked if they wanted to go dancing. Freyja
pushed Leia forward and said, “You should go join them. I’ll just stay here.”

Leia looked at her and said, “But I can’t leave you alone.”

Freyja smiled. “If I dance with another man, I may have big trouble coaxing my husband at home if he
gets jealous.”

It was only then Leia remembered that Freyja was married. She said, “Alright, then. You stay here and
wait for me.”

Freyja nodded.

Leia went toward the crowd with Norman.

Freyja sat there alone, sipping on her juice. Soon, a middle–aged man who was a little drunk came
over and sat beside her.

She scooted to the side to keep her distance from the man.

The man had been watching her for a long time. He realized that she had been sitting here alone for a
long time and no one had paid any attention to her, so he thought that she was someone else’s

Generally speaking, there were two types of women at a banquet. One type would follow their male
partners around, and they mostly were their wives. The other type was women hired by men to serve
as their partners.

He placed his hands on her thigh, ignoring the slight change of expression on Freyja’s face, and said,
“Girl, did you get abandoned by your partner? Why don’t you come and entertain me instead?”

Normally, when Freyja was in this kind of situation, she would probably have splashed the juice in her
hand on the shameless man’s face. However, she was at the Lancells‘ banquet now. She did not want
to make a scene, so she pressed down her anger and smiled politely. “I’m sorry, but you should stay
away from me. Things might not end well for you if my friend gets angry.”

The man’s face sank since he did not expect Freyja to reject him. He loathed women who liked to put
on airs as well, so he said, “Who is your friend? Norman? Even if you’re Norman’s friend, he’s just Mr.
Lancell’s son. He won’t be a threat to me.”

“He’s Mr. Lancell’s son, but he’s also the future successor of the Lancells.”

“That’s something that will only happen in the future. We’ll only talk about the present. If your friend
really thought you’re that important, why would he leave you alone here?” the man said as he grabbed
Freyja’s arm.

Freyja tried to break herself free from the man but to no avail. Her face sank, and she said, “Don’t you
think it’s embarrassing to harass a woman at a banquet while you’re drunk?”

“No woman has ever dared to reject me,” the man said sarcastically as he dragged her. “If you want to
shout to get help, you can do it now. But I don’t think you have the guts to do that. I know exactly what
you want, so drop the act. Don’t worry. I’ll give you money.”

Freyja glanced at the ashtray on the table and stretched her hand to reach for it. Suddenly, a voice
rang out. “Well, well, well, are you drunk, Mr. Andrews? Do you need me to remind you where you are
right now?”

It was Rory.

Mr. Andrews hastily released Freyja. It was only now that he saw Freyja was holding an ashtray in her
hand, and he frowned. However, he did not say anything since Rory was there.

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