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Chapter 2511

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Rory let out a hearty laugh. “I find that you’re quite talented in scriptwriting. I can see why Merlin sent
you to me.”

“Uncle Rory.”

Norman came out of the room and bumped into Freyja, Leia, and his uncle.

Rory grabbed his ear, causing Norman to squint in pain. “Ouch, it hurts, Uncle Rory.”

“Look at you. She can come up with something better than the idea you gave her.”

After Rory released Norman, the latter touched his ear and forced a smile on his face. “Well, I just
managed to learn a little bit from you.”

After he finished speaking, he continued. “I’ve seen Freyja’s script, and I think it’s very nice. Why don’t
you take a look at it?”

Freyja let out a chuckle as Norman was promoting her script to Rory. “I don’t think now is the right time.
Isn’t today your family banquet?”


Rory took a drag from his cigarette and turned around. Before he went back into the house, he said,
“You can show me afterward. I’ll see if it’s really as good as Norman said or not.”

Norman knew that Rory had accepted them. He looked at Freyja and said, “See? My uncle has said
yes.” Freyja and Leia looked at each other and smiled.

It was very lively in the hall. There were many people, and it appeared to Freyja that the Lancells were
rather popular amongst the aristocrats.

Norman brought them to Mrs. Lancell and Steven. “Mom, Dad, meet my coursemates.”

Steven smiled at them gently and said, “Welcome to my house.”

The moment Mrs. Lancell saw Freyja, she was dumbfounded. After measuring her from her head to her
toe, her face sank, but she did not say anything.

Steven turned to Norman and said, “Since they’re your coursemates, I’ll trust you’ll entertain them well,

“Of course, Dad.”

Norman brought them to the side to enjoy the food and to rest.

Mrs. Lancell took Steven to one side and asked, “Why did Norman invite her?”

Steven was stunned. “Her?”

“Sandy’s daughter. Have you forgotten about Ken? She’s his sister!”

When Ken was trying to take over the kingdom, he had tried to rope in the Lancells. As for Sandy, she
had threatened her as well, telling her to get out of her son’s way if she was not going to help them.
Although it was a good thing that the cancers among the aristocrats had been removed after Ken’s
death and Sandy’s imprisonment, she could not believe that her son would become friends with
Sandy’s daughter.

After all, Sandy and her family were a bunch of sinister and cunning people in Mrs. Lancell’s

She had not liked Sandy since the first day she met her.

Steven was dumbfounded. “She’s one of the Pruitts?”

Mrs. Lancell said with confidence, “Her eyes look a lot like Sandy’s when she was young, so I’m sure
she’s her daughter.”

Steven placed his hand on her shoulder and said, “It’s in the past. Besides, Sandy is in prison right
now. Even if she’s her daughter, she has never done anything to harm us. I’m sure you’re just

“I’m just worried about my son.”

“There’s nothing to worry about. The queen has acknowledged the Pruitts, so the Pruitts are one of the
aristocrats right now, making her a close relative of the royal family. Since our son invited her, we must
entertain her with respect. If we ignore her and word gets out, what do you think other people will think
of us?”

Mrs. Lancell felt her husband was right. They couldn’t disrespect Freyja right now since everyone was
here. However, after the banquet was over, she decided to tell her son to keep his distance from

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