Novel Name : Charming Mommy of adorable triplets

Chapter 2533

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Freyja placed the letter down and looked up at Mia, who had dyed her hair back. “Flax–colored hair
suits you quite well.”

Mia smiled and said, “As you advised, I removed the red dye, and it became like this after the red

“Has your brother’s surgery been scheduled?”

She nodded with a smile. “Yeah, it’s been arranged, and the surgery will take place in a few days, so he
doesn’t have to wait so long anymore.”

Freyja got up, walked toward her, and placed her hands on her shoulders. “Then I’ll bring you to a job
interview now.”

Mia followed her, chattering and asking along the way, “What’s the job? Where are we going for the
interview? Will it be difficult?”

Freyja stopped in front of the car, opened the door, and let her get in first. “You’ll know when you get

“Oh, okay.” She got into the car obediently.

Soon, the car arrived at Blue Valley Manor.

Mia stuck her face against the car window, stared at the huge courtyard, and was once again shocked.
What she had been seeing nowadays had really shown her the lifestyles of the top one percenters and
their attitude toward life.

Freyja led her out of the car.

A few servants were trimming the garden in the courtyard. When they saw two women arriving at the
manor, one of them got up and asked, “May I know who you’re here for?”

Freyja answered, “We’re here for Mrs. Knowles.”

The servant hurriedly responded, “Please give me a minute. I’ll let Mrs. Knowles know about your

When the servant entered the manor, she happened to run into Madam Ames, who was walking down
the stairs.

Seeing her rushing in, Madam Ames asked, “What’s wrong?”

The servant replied, “There are two ladies outside, and they’re here looking for Mrs. Knowles.”

Madam Ames was stunned for a moment and looked out of the window.

‘I don’t know either of them. Are they Mrs. Knowles‘ friends?‘

She gave it a thought for a while and ordered, “Let them in.”

After the servant reported their arrival, Freyja took Mia into the living room.

Mia looked around, feeling extremely dazzled. She could not imagine the identity of the people who
lived here.

Madam Ames scrutinized their appearances. “May I know who you are?”

Freyja smiled. “I’m Ms. Pruitt, and I’m here to meet Mrs. Knowles. Please let her know about my visit.”

‘Pruitt… Could it be that she’s from the Pruitts?

Madam Ames forced a smile. “Mrs. Knowles hasn’t been feeling too well recently and has already gone
to rest.”

“She’s not feeling well?” Freyja narrowed her eyes. “Have you called a doctor here to see her?”

“No, it’s just that Mrs. Knowles is currently pregnant, so she’s recently been a little more irritable and
lethargic than usual.”

Freyja took a closer look at Madam Ames too. “Who’s the one who hired you?”

Madam Ames lowered her head. “It’s Mr. Knowles.”

“I’ll go upstairs and see her.” Freyja walked past her and wanted to go upstairs.

However, Madam Ames stopped her immediately. “But Mrs. Knowles said that she doesn’t want to be
disturbed. You’ll be making my job difficult if you do so.”

At that moment, Daisie’s voice came from upstairs. “Can’t even my friends come to pay me a visit?”

Madam Ames subconsciously panicked. “Ma’am…‘

Coincidentally, Freyja caught a glimpse of her nervousness. She did not say anything but gazed at
Daisie.” Daisie, are you okay?”

Daisie came downstairs. “I’m fine. I came out once I heard your voice.”

Freyja supported her as they walked, looked back at Madam Ames, led Daisie to the couch, and sat
down. “I know you’re bored, so I’ve found you an employee that can accompany you.”

Daisie was confused.

Freyja asked Mia to come over and introduced her to Daisie. “Her name is Mia, and she’s a nice young

Mia scratched her cheeks, smiled, thought of something, and quickly bowed. “Hello, Mrs. Knowles. It’s
nice to meet you!”

Daisie smiled at her and asked Freyja in a low voice, “Why would you bring her here?”

Freyja leaned closer to her and replied in a low voice, “Trust me, this young lady is a friendly one. Plus,
I don’t think the woman that Nollace hired for you is reliable.”

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