Novel Name : Charming Mommy of adorable triplets

Chapter 2532

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“You…” Mia pursed her lips and lowered her head. “I’ve done something really bad to you, and you’re
still willing to help me out?”

“First of all, you did it for your younger brother, didn’t you? Although it’s wrong to steal someone else’s
wallet because you want to heal him, I can see that you’re not hopelessly bad.” Freyja placed a card on
the table and moved toward her. “There is $30,000 here, and I’ll lend it to you. I’ll then introduce you to
a job after your brother’s surgery is over and his eyesight is restored. You can slowly return the money
to me after you start working.”

Mia picked up the card and looked at her incredulously. “Are you really willing to help me?”

Freyja smiled. “I have lent you all the money that you need, and you can now contact the hospital to
reschedule the surgery. What’s there left to doubt?”

Mia got up abruptly and knelt on the ground. Freyja stood up instantly and helped her up. “What are
you doing? Get up already.”

Mia looked up at her with tears streaming down her cheeks. “You’re such a good person. Boohoohoo,
I’ll do whatever you want me to do in the future. I’ll even kill someone for you if that’s what you want!”

She laughed. “What are you thinking? I don’t want you to do such illegal things. You must promise me
that you’ll never steal another wallet, no matter what.”

Mia got up with Freyja’s help and wiped her tears with her sleeve. “I promise I’ll never steal a wallet
again in the future. If I ever steal again, I’ll get hit by a car as soon as I step outside.”

“Geez, touch wood. Take back what you just said. I believe you.” Freyja patted her on the shoulder,
thought of something, and asked her, “By the way, don’t you have parents?”

Mia shook her head. “I’m an orphan. I was forced to leave the orphanage to work before I turned 18. I
met my brother in the orphanage. He is very poor and was abandoned by his parents at the
orphanage’s gates on a snowy day eight years ago.”

Freyja’s brows creased.

‘It turns out that they’re not even biological siblings.‘

“I never thought that you’d be so kind to him even though you two aren’t even related by blood.”
“Because he was abandoned by his parents, just like me.” When Mia mentioned her relatives to Freyja,
her eyes looked cold as it seemed that she had no feelings for the parents who had abandoned them.
Freyja could not help but take another look at Mia.

‘She seems to be in her early 20s and has dyed her hair red. Although she’s dressed like a young
female ruffian and looks unrestrained and arrogant, the kindness that she possesses deep down can
still be seen. ‘At least she didn’t abandon her brother, who has no blood relationship with her, and she
stole money in order to cure his eyes.’

Freyja noticed that Mia had wheat–colored skin and some tiny freckles on her cheeks. Her facial
features looked well–defined and beautiful, especially her blue eyes.

It was just that dyeing her hair red really conflicted with her appearance. “I think you should dye your
hair back.”

“Huh?” Mia stroked her hair. “Isn’t it pretty?”

Freyja was helpless. “I’ll be introducing you to a job. If you dress up like this, who will dare to hire you?
You must look good as soon as you dye your hair back.”

It was the first time Mia got praised for her looks, so she felt a little embarrassed, but she nodded.
“Okay, then I’ll dye my hair back when I get back.”

Three days later, Freyja invested $1,500,000 in the nursing home to establish the “Hope” Foundation.
The nun wrote a letter of appreciation and entrusted Mia to send it to Freyja.

After reading the content of the appreciation letter, Freyja felt warm deep down. As for the nun, it was
obvious to her that her prayers and hard work over the years must have been heard and now

Mia looked at her. “The manager has already hired a contractor to renovate the nursing home. With this
fund, the manager and others finally don’t have to work so hard.”

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