Novel Name : Charming Mommy of adorable triplets

Chapter 2536

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Nollace wrapped his arms around her waist. “I won’t go out for dinner anymore. I’ll come back to
accompany my wife daily from now on.”

Daisie froze for a moment and then gently pushed him away. “How can you not attend dinner
appointments? You’re the director and president of the company. If I don’t let you go, I really can’t
imagine what others will think of me. I’d surely get into trouble if someone else were to say that I’m not
a considerate wife.”

He frowned. “Who would dare to say so?”

“How could I know?“.

Daisie went to the dining table and sat down. Seeing the prunes on the table, she picked up one and
put it in her mouth. “Sour food is still the best.”

Nollace walked to her side, propped his hands against the surface of the table, leaned over, stared at
her, and laughed. “Are you still angry?”

She replied, “No, what’s there to be angry about?”

Nollace asked the servant to bring the dessert over. “I bought you something that you love.”

Daisie raised her head. “You purposely bought it for me?”

Nollace stroked her hair with his long fingers. “Apart from you, who would have the power to make me
make my way through a few stores just to get my hands on your favorite flavor?”

Daisie hooked her index finger, motioning him to come closer. Seeing that, Nollace lowered his head,
and she pecked him on the cheek. “This is your reward.”

His smile intensified as he finally managed to coax his wife.

Only then did Daisie think about Mia. “By the way, Mia will work here in the manor from now on. I’m
very satisfied with her performance.”

Nollace took a glance at the woman named Mia indifferently.

Mia lowered her head and could not help but feel just how scary this man was!

Madam Ames‘ expression changed slightly. “But ma’am, this woman is of unknown origin-”

“What do you mean by unknown origin? Is it because she’s an orphan? Madam Ames, are you
discriminating against orphans?” Daisie interrupted her with a smirk.

Madam Ames gazed at Nollace. Seeing that Nollace had not spoken, she felt a little anxious. “I’m only
trying to look out for your well–being, ma’am. Not to mention that the manor isn’t short of manpower
now. Apart from that, you’re now pregnant. if someone were to put harm in your way, things would
become very troublesome.”

“Everyone here is getting paid to work in the manor. Who would do anything to harm me?” Daisie
peeled the prune casually. “Are you telling me that I don’t even have the right to keep someone here?”

After saying that, she stared at Nollace pitifully. “Nollace, how about you swap me out as the mistress
of this manor? Look, none of the people that you hired will even listen to what I say. They are all your
employees to start with, and all they do is work together to come at me, making me feel like an
outsider.” Madam Ames broke into a cold sweat and did not dare look at Nollace.

The servants stood on the side cowardly and did not utter a single word.

Nollace narrowed his eyes as he knew that Daisie would not say these words for no reason. After a
short while, he lifted his hand and rubbed her on the head. “If you want to keep her, you can keep her.
I’ll leave her employment to you.”


“My wife is the mistress of this manor. Do you people have any questions about this?” Nollace’s gaze
swept across the room and stopped on Madam Ames.

Madam Ames shook and lowered her head. “No, I don’t have any questions.”

‘I have to think of another way now.‘

Madam Ames walked up to Mia and was about to give Mia orders when Daisie said, “There’s no need
for you to arrange chores for her. She’s not required to take orders from you.”

Madam Ames was astonished. She stared at Daisie in surprise and at the same time, asked Nollace for
his opinion.

Nollace glanced at Daisie. He noticed that she was exhilarated, so he agreed to her arrangement. “She
can do anything she wants.”

Madam Ames gnashed her teeth secretly and wondered if Daisie knew something.

‘It looks like I’ll have to report this to Ms. Taylor.‘

Back in the bedroom…

Nollace picked up Daisie and put her down on the bed. “What has happened within these few days?
Are you not very satisfied with Madam Ames? Why have you been targeting her recently?”

Daisie looked at him. “Are you satisfied with her performance?”

Nollace thought for a while. “She’s great at housekeeping. At least the house has been kept in an
orderly manner when it’s under her management.”

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