Novel Name : Charming Mommy of adorable triplets

Chapter 2515

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After roughly half an hour, Rory asked the assistant next to him for his comment. “What do you think?”

The assistant snapped himself out of the trance. “Huh?”

“I’m asking for your opinion. What do you think about this script?”

The assistant did not expect Rory to ask him for his opinion. He was stunned for a long while, but he
still had to give Rory his answer. “I think it’s pretty good.”

Freyja set her jaw tightly as her heart was pumping faster and faster inside her chest.

Rory said, “It isn’t a bad script. You’ve added many details to flesh out your characters and plots. Each
person has their own storyline. They seem to be related but aren’t related at the same time. However,
all of these characters have some connection to the deceased, which can be linked together to find out
the killer’s motive.”

Freyja was shocked. “Does this mean that my script has no issue?”

“Nope!” Rory closed the script, and his face was stern. Just when Freyja’s heart jumped into her throat,
he continued. “Behind a crime hides the evil of human nature, and although these evils of yours may
seem trivial, they are very real when placed in life.

“Whether it is a crime of passion or a premeditated crime, it’s mostly fueled by the desire to own

something such as money, lust, and benefits, or the criminals might just carry out the crime for their
own sake.”

Rory placed the script on the table and continued. “The evil in human nature is like a shy little kid.
They’ll only start expressing themselves after being aroused or excited. The reason most people refrain
themselves from committing evil is that the law and moral standards bind them.

“Ms. Mills seems like an innocent person on the surface, but when someone found evidence of her
stealing her company’s secret, she still chose to take their life for her own sake. If she had turned
herself in to the police, the judge might have given her a lighter sentence since she was also a victim.
She might even get a few years off her imprisonment. The tragedy could have been prevented, and a
family could have been saved.

“The most pitiful character is Mr. Ledger. He was a high executive for a company in the city, had a
successful career, and was both talented and good–looking. He should have a bright future, but in
order to clear the way for his sister so that she could marry into a wealthy family, he threatened Ms.
Mills when he found out that she was stealing the company’s secrets and used her to get rid of his
future brother–in- law’s father before killing her for his sister’s sake. In the end, his sister finally
managed to marry into a wealthy family as she wished, and the poor young master is still unaware that
his wife’s brother is the man behind his father’s death.

“However, his sister wasn’t a good person either. The reason she wanted to marry into a wealthy family
was to cover up her past so that she could get more benefits for herself. What surprises me the most is
that the killer isn’t one of these well–dressed monsters in human form, but an unknown and
unremarkable worker.”

Rory crossed his arms in front of his chest and leaned on the back of the couch. “Your script…”

Freyja lowered her eyes and clenched her hands tightly.

“It’s interesting.”

She was stunned slightly and jerked her head up.

Rory’s assistant was even more excited than her as he said, “Mr. Lancell said that your script is
interesting. This is the first time I’ve heard Mr. Lancell complimenting someone.”

Freyja soon came around to her senses and smiled.

After she left Tom’s Films, she wanted to share her happiness with Leia and Norman.

However, she called Colton first.

Colton answered the call and sounded as if he had just woken up. “Yeah?”

“I have already finished my stuff, and you still haven’t woken up yet?”

He turned around and chuckled. “Well, someone exhausted all my energy last night, so I need to sleep
to replenish my energy.”

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Chapter 2515

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