Novel Name : Charming Mommy of adorable triplets

Chapter 2514

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After a short while, Freyja opened the door and popped her head out. “Then take them for me.”

He squinted and replied, “Say it properly.”=

Freyja took a deep breath, gnashed her teeth, and said with a smile, “Darling, can you help me to get
my clothes, please?”

“That’s more like it.”

Colton then went to the dressing room to help her get her clothes, including her undergarments. Freyja
hastily took them from his hand and slammed the door shut. It might have hit Colton’s nose if he stood
closer to the door.

He clicked his tongue and thought, ‘How can she still be angry at me after I’ve done everything she
asked me to? It seems like I need to tell my daughter so that she won’t pick up these bad habits from
her mother.‘

Freyja came out of the bathroom after she finished her bath. When she saw that Colton was reading
her script on the bed, she went forward and took it away from his hand. He did not expect something
like that from her, so he took a step back, causing her to lose her balance and fall on his body.

Colton lifted his eyebrows and asked, “What’s this about? Can’t your husband see your script?”

“You… What if you laugh at me? Give it back to me.” Freyja stretched her arm forward to reach for her
script, but Colton did not give her a chance.


He pressed her into his arms and said, “What makes you think that I’ll laugh at you? Do you have so
little confidence in yourself?”

She was stunned for a moment but did not say anything.

He picked her hair that fell in front of her face away with his finger and said, “I’m beyond happy that my
woman is so talented.”

Freyja’s face turned red. She stood up straight and turned her body around.

‘Since when did he become so good at complimenting other people?‘

Colton hugged her from the back and placed his chin on her shoulder. “It’d be even nicer if you were
not that hot–tempered.”

She hit him with her elbow, and the next thing she heard was a muffled grunt of pain. Shocked, she
hastily turned around to check on Colton. “Did it really hurt?”

He collapsed on the floor and covered his chest. “Are you trying to kill your husband?”

“I’m so sorry about that. Where does it hurt? Let me see.” Just as she finished her sentence and tried
to lift his clothes, Colton suddenly chuckled and hugged her. “It won’t hurt anymore if you kiss me.”

It occurred to Freyja that Colton was lying to her. She turned around and lay aside with her back facing
him. Colton placed one of his hands on his temple and coiled his finger around her hair. “Will our
daughter be like you when she grows up later?”

“It’d be better if she were like you,” she said honestly.

He was stunned for a moment, and then he grabbed her into his arms from the back. With a low voice,
he said, “Then what if she inherits my personality and your talent?”

Freyja’s eyelashes trembled. Even though Colton had a sharp tongue, she still couldn’t help herself but

for him even more at a moment like this when this man got gentle. Lying in Colton’s arms, she
gradually got sleepy and soon fell asleep.

The next day, at Tom’s Films…

In order to give Rory a good impression, Freyja woke up early and had been waiting for him in his
company since 10:00 a.m.

Rory and his assistant arrived at the company at 11:00 a.m.

The receptionist informed them about Freyja, and they went straight to the reception room.

“I told you to come at noon, but you came an hour early. Not bad.” Rory sat on the couch after entering
the room, and his assistant stood beside him. “Have you brought your script?”

Freyja pulled her script out of her bag and said, “Yes. Here it is. Please have a look at it.”

Rory took over the script. Just when he flipped it open, his assistant craned his neck and glanced at it.

He raised his head to glance at his assistant, and his assistant smiled at him embarrassingly. “Well, I’m
curious as well.”

He did not say anything and continued to read through the script.

Freyja felt like there were ants in her pants as she waited for Rory. In fact, she could change the things
that he was not satisfied with, but Rory had told her that he would not give her a second chance if he
found her script unsatisfactory, then.

Therefore, she did not dare to have many expectations.

She had checked through the script multiple times before coming here. She even corrected all of the
errors in the script and made sure that it was as perfect as she could make it.

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