Novel Name : Charming Mommy of adorable triplets

Chapter 2535

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Daisie sat on a bench in the garden and asked Mia to sit as well. “Will you miss your family when
you’re staying abroad?”

Mia froze for a moment and then lowered her gaze. “I have no family.”

“I’m so sorry. I didn’t know about that.”

Mia waved her hand immediately. “It’s okay. You don’t have to apologize to me. I’ve already gotten
used to it. I’m an orphan, and I don’t have much of an impression of my parents now, so even if others
mention them around me, I won’t feel offended at all.”

Daisie leaned back into the back of the bench. “Since I got pregnant, I’ve rarely contacted anyone from
outside this manor.”

“You’re pregnant?” Mia was surprised.

Daisie squinted and grinned. “Can’t you see it?”

Mia took a short glimpse at her belly. “Ah, I can see it now. The dean said that pregnancy takes a huge
toll on a woman’s body. You’ll get emotionally unstable, and your body will become bloated and fat.
You’ll also lose appetite and can’t sleep well at night, but you don’t look very fat.”

Daisie chuckled. “Do I really not look fat?”

Mia shook her head and then said, “Perhaps it has something to do with your physique. When I was a
volunteer at the orphanage, a woman got pregnant there, and I didn’t even notice that she had a big
belly when she was eight months in.”


“I wouldn’t lie to you. Maybe it’s because she looked very petite and she loved wearing loose clothes.
We only thought that she had put on some weight and only got to know that she was pregnant after she
had given birth.” Mia also leaned back and sighed. “It’s a pity that the woman was abandoned by her
man in the end, and she had to abandon the baby at the orphanage because she couldn’t afford to
raise the child.”

Daisie was about to ask her something when Madam Ames interrupted them. “Ma’am, Mr. Knowles has

She responded calmly, “Okay.”

Madam Ames took a glance at Mia and left.

Knowing that Daisie had not been very happy recently, Nollace returned early today and bought Daisie
her favorite dessert and a box of prunes while he was on his way back.

He passed the dessert and prunes to the servant.

Madam Ames walked into the living room. “Sir, a lady who calls herself Ms. Pruitt brought a woman
over today and said she would stay here with Mrs. Knowles from now on.”

Nollace turned his head. “Ms. Pruitt is my wife’s second sister–in–law, so I trust the person she

‘I know that the Pruitts are his close relatives, but he doesn’t even doubt the person that Ms. Pruitt left
here. My job is getting harder and harder as the second goes by. I’ve only managed to gain his trust,
got hired as the steward, and had all the maids in the family placed under my control. But here comes
an extra person, and she’s been arranged to stay here by Ms. Pruitt.

‘I think she will not only refuse to help me out but will even ruin my plans along the way.

‘I must live up to Ms. Taylor’s high hopes.‘

“I know you trust Ms. Pruitt, but the woman that Ms. Pruitt brought here is of unknown origin, so I’m
worried that Ms. Pruitt might fall into someone else’s trap.”

Immediately after saying that, Madam Ames added, “I just went to the courtyard to see ma’am, and I
heard that woman telling her something about someone pregnant getting abandoned. Ma’am has been
emotionally unstable ever since she got pregnant, so wouldn’t that make her imagination run even

Seeing Nollace’s sullen expression, Madam Ames heaved a sigh of relief inwardly.

‘As long as he becomes suspicious of that woman and objects to her staying here, she won’t be
allowed to stay any longer.

‘I must remove all obstacles for Ms. Taylor.‘

Daisie and Mia stepped into the living room, chit–chatting and chuckling out loud. Nollace took a glance
at the woman walking beside her and frowned.

Seeing him, Daisie stopped in front of him with a smile and raised her eyebrows. “Nollace, you’re back
so early. Don’t you have dinner appointments to attend to?”

Nollace stared at her face, feeling a little helpless.

‘Since the other night, she’s been bringing up the phrase “dinner appointment” over and over again. It
seems that she’s very jealous about that night.’

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