Novel Name : Charming Mommy of adorable triplets

Chapter 2516

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Freyja cleared her throat. “My script has been selected.”

“Really?” Colton’s smile intensified. “Congratulations, it seems that my wife is on her way to becoming
a famous screenwriter and maybe even a female director in the future.”

She sneered. “Would you like to come out for a meal? It’s on me.”

Colton sat up instantly upon hearing this. “Are you serious?”

“Just come if you want to. If you don’t want to, then forget about it. I’m hanging up already.”

After saying that, Freyja really hung up the phone, leaving her speechless husband hanging.

‘That temper, that arrogance.‘

However, his grin widened, and he lifted the blanket immediately, got out of bed, and went into the

When Colton arrived at the restaurant joyously, he realized that two more individuals were sitting at the
dining table, and his expression dimmed instantly.

Leia was the first to see him. “Your husband’s here.”

Freyja explained with a smile, “I’m the one who asked him to join us.”

It was Norman’s first time meeting Colton.

‘Yo, this fella’s temperament… Not bad at all.’

Colton straightened his coat, walked over, greeted them politely, and sat down.

At that moment, Norman put down his wine glass. “Do you want some wine?”

Colton gave off a faint smile. “I’m driving, so wine is out of the equation for me. I’ll have a cup of

Freyja summoned the waiter and ordered him a cup of Blue Mountain, black and sugarless.

Colton leaned into her ear. “You finally remember what I like.”

Freyja pushed him away. “Sit properly.”

Colton sat down obediently.

Leia rested her cheek in her palm and chuckled. “You two have such a good relationship. I’m so

Colton smiled, nodded, and agreed.

Freyja flipped through the menu and responded, “This only started after I gave birth. I don’t think I was
treated with care before that.”

Colton was at a loss for words.

Leia and Norman exclaimed in unison, “What!? You guys actually have kids?”

Thinking that she did not seem to have told them about it, Freyja let off a helpless smile. “Ah, I might
have forgotten to update you guys on this before. I got pregnant and gave birth to a child. That’s why I
delayed my plan to take on a master’s program.”

Leia was in disbelief. “You really don’t look like someone who’s given birth to a child.”

Norman shrugged. “That’s normal. My mother gave birth to me at the age of 20. She claims that the

earlier a woman gives birth, the faster her body recovers. You saw her the other night, didn’t you? Does
she look like a woman who’s in her 40s to you? My dad’s 57 years old this year, so whenever he brings
her out to social events, others usually think that she’s his mistress instead of his wife.”

The corners of everyone’s mouths twitched.

‘Where did he find the courage to say something like that?‘

A waiter brought the coffee, and Colton picked up the cup and took a sip. And that was when Norman
suddenly asked him, “Mr. Goldmann, will you bring your wife out to social events?”

Freyja looked in Colton’s direction, wanting to hear the answer that was going to come out of him.

Colton lifted his gaze and put down his cup. “Why should I bring her out to events? That’s what a man
should do. As for the wife, one should just keep his wife at home to ‘entertain‘ himself.”

Norman frowned. “Then does that mean that your wife isn’t someone that you’re proud to have in your

Freyja narrowed her eyes and glared at Colton.

Colton did not expect that this fella would twist his words back at him, so he chuckled. “Then do
enlighten me. Will you bring a precious artwork or artifact that you own at home out just to share its
brilliance with others?”

Norman was taken aback. “In this case, I won’t…”

“That’s the answer that you’re looking for. If you won’t even want to share your treasure with others,
why should I share mine with you? Just so that others will yearn for it?”

Norman was rendered speechless.

‘What this fella just said makes sense.‘

Freyja did not expect Colton to respond to the question this way.

‘It seems that he’s finally found his long–lost EQ.’

Colton looked back at Norman. “You should remind your father to be more careful.”

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