Novel Name : Charming Mommy of adorable triplets

Chapter 2517

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Norman wondered. “Why so?”

“I once heard a story about a man who married a young and beautiful wife. The man was obsessed
with keeping up an appearance, so he often brought his wife out to social events in order to get
showered with the public’s praises. Thus, wherever he went, his wife would also be there. However, as
time passed, his wife met a man who treated her more gently and looked more handsome than her
husband, so she betrayed her and cheated on him with that man in the end.”

Norman spurted out the wine that he had just drunk when he heard the plot twist and got caught off

Colton quickly picked up the napkin and blocked the wine stream.

Norman’s eyes widened as if he was extremely taken aback.

Leia and Freyja could not help but laugh out loud.

After that, Norman did not dare to cause any more trouble, and he stayed very absent–minded
throughout the whole meal as if the story that Colton had told would happen to his parents.

‘I must preach this to my father when I get back home.”

Freyja approached Colton and whispered in his ear, “You really know how to make up stories.”

He looked over and raised his brows. “My wife has the talent for creating stories, so why can’t I have
the same talent too?”

While they were eating, Colton got up and went to the restroom. When he came to the corner of the
corridor, a red–haired woman bumped into him, and his phone dropped to the ground.

The red–haired woman instantly picked it up for him and returned it to him with a pitiful expression. “I’m
sorry, sir. I didn’t mean it.”

“It’s okay.” Colton was in a good mood today, so he did not make things difficult for her. He took his
phone back from her and went straight to the bathroom.

Looking at Colton, who was leaving her immediately, the corners of the red–haired woman’s lips curled
slightly upward. She grabbed the wallet that she picked out from his pocket triumphantly and hurried

Colton came out of the bathroom and returned to the table. After the four of them had finished eating,
he wanted to pay the bill and reached for his pocket–that was when he realized that it was empty.

Freyja felt helpless. “I told you that the meal is on me. You don’t have to pay.”

“No.” Colton stood up abruptly. “My wallet is gone.”

Leia was stunned for a moment. “Your wallet went missing?”

Freyja asked, “How did you lose it? Are you sure that you brought it out in the first place?”

“I’m sure, my passport and ID card are inside.” After saying that, something suddenly flashed across
his mind, and his expression dimmed in an instant

‘It happened a while ago…

“Have you brought your laptop along?” he asked Norman.

Norman paused for a split second and then nodded. “Yes.”

“Lend it to me.”

Norman did not know why, but he naturally handed him his laptop.

After Colton sat down, he quickly operated the laptop and hacked into the restaurant’s surveillance
system. The surveillance footage was paused at the moment when the red–haired woman hit him at
the corner of the corridor, and it could be seen that the red–haired woman was holding his wallet.

He closed the lid of the laptop. “Damn it! That woman actually has the guts to steal my wallet!”

It seemed that the woman was a habitual offender. After all, he did not even notice when she snatched
his wallet.

Freyja frowned. “If you lose your ID card in Zlokova, you can get it reissued, but if you lose your
passport and ID card abroad, it’ll be very troublesome.”

Leia comforted the couple. “Do you want to call the police? We have surveillance footage to prove it, so
the police should be able to locate the woman very quickly.”

Freyja immediately took her cell phone out and called the police.

At the precinct, a police officer went through the surveillance footage and frowned as if he had a

Freyja noticed something and asked, “Is there any problem?”

The police officer was a little embarrassed. “It’s not a problem… It’s just that we know this lady very

Leia was astonished for a moment. “What do you mean by that?”

“It’s not her first time stealing. We’ve been receiving many cases of theft since some time ago, and
they’re all her doing. She’s been sent here many times, and we’ve taught her many lessons. We tried
locking her up for one night, three days, or even seven days.” The police officer explained and then
shrugged. “She’ll commit another crime as soon as she’s released. However, the amount that she stole
has always been very small, so the owner of the wallets and purses can’t build a case on her as the
court won’t take the case in at all.”

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